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Thursday, May 16, 2013

Want your makeup to last longer ?? READ THIS!

I am sure everyone wants their makeup to look picture perfect all day ,well if you have not heard about the best setting spray around then here is your reminder.

MAC FIX + can be used before applying makeup to hydrate the skin and also after applying makeup to set it and half way thru the day to re-set it too!!! It is so refreshing and contains vitamin and minerals, infused with a calm-the-skin blend of green tea, chamomile,  and cucumber.

A MUST have this summer!! Retails for $25.00 plus tax at all Mac locations and online at

Friday, April 19, 2013

Products I have been LOVING! From MAYBELLINE AND JOICO!

Sooo I have found a new stand by mascara that i use every day and its not pricey!! It's called ROCKET from Maybelline. You can find it in any drug store. Why do I like it ??? Well it has a spikey brush which helps get into the roots to give lots of Volume and I just love how it make my lashes look,super full !! Try it I bet you love it and use it every day too!!!

Also have been digging this product from Maybelline is the new AGE REWIND Dark Circle Eraser in the "Brightener" Shade.

What does this do??? Well I recommend everyone can use this product,to give you that bright eyed look like you slept all night even if you didnt. It also covers up dark circles by bringing in more light to the under eyes. I also use it to highlight under my brow bone and the corner of the eyes,even the cheeks!
 IT really is quite a multi-purpose product and it retails at about $11 bucks!! I find it very comparable to the Smashbox Photo Op under eye brightener,but at HALF the price!!!

One more thing I LOVE is Dry Shampoo,I hate washing my hair everyday but want it to look fresh.Well I have tried sooo many and now I have the perfect one !! JOICO Instant Refresher . Its great because well it smells the BEST out of any I have found ,kinda like perfume for your hair!! Also it doesnt leave as much white residue as I have found with others .

Have you tried any of these great products or will you ???

Thursday, January 3, 2013

I got LASH EXTENSIONS !Read about my experience!!

So I finally decided to take the plunge and give lash extensions a try!! I want to tell you about my experience and the reasons why I love them .(The top image shows the before on the left of the screen and the after on the right and the bottom image is with the extensions completed.)

 1- I don't have to wear mascara any more!!
2- I don't have to take off my mascara at night or even buy any! ( this saves me time )
3- My eyes always look good , day and night , without any effort and this effect will last for almost 3 months !

... So if they doesn't make you want to try them , also consider they would be great for a bride getting married or a special event you want to look amazing for .
I got them applied at eye lash Canada , they have 2 locations in Toronto , go to this website for all the info
My technician was Yvette a sweet Jamaican lady , who explained everything before she did it and made be feel at ease and relaxed . You lie on a bed with your eyes closed for about and hour until each eyelash is put in place . I admit near the end I almost feel asleep !! She is very gentle . She told me a lot of her clients do take a nap during the application!! Then you open your eyes to lashes that are eye opening and make you look stunning!!

Would you consider getting them???Or have you had them before??

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

OPI's GERMANY Collection :)

I just recently got some amazing new Nail polish colors i wanted to share with you ! They are from OPI's Germany Collection which just came out for this winter.This is a picture of the whole collection-

The ones I selected are" Berlin there done that ",a great soft beige color that is perfect for shorter nails .I also find it to be a good everyday color to wear to work and not bring to attention to the nails but still have them look good.

I also choose two more fun colors to wear out for a night of dancing . 'Deutsch you want me baby' a bright deep orange shade that is just perfect for your toes .
And "Every month is Ocktoberfest" which is a deep almost reddish purple color. 
 I find the new trend in nails is to paint just the middle color a different shade to give them some contrast,so that is what i did with these two shades.

I will 100% be rocking these colors to all my holiday events.Do you have a favourite color out this collection??

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Hello my lovely followers,i am back with lots more fun post and plenty of NEW product reviews!! I will be also be running a contest VERY SOON .so watch out for it!!
Since it is Halloween tomorrow i wanted to share with you a makeup i did on a client yesterday,she wanted to be the girl from the movie BLACK SWAN !!!
I used an angle brush and a gel eyeliner to do the black around her eyes,then took a silver shadow to make it look even cooler!! I also used a foundation a few shades lighter than her skin to give her a whiter look.


What are you being for halloween??

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

HELP ME Cream by Philosophy really HELPS my skin!

So i have been hearing about this cream for quite some time but never tried it yet .It is from a company called Philosophy here is there site - . I also want to mention you can buy it at The Bay now and Sephora.  
Well i was on the market for a GOOD anti-aging product but also something that will not make me break out as i tend to be acne-prone.

This cream contains RETINOL which is an amazing ingredient in skincare! What is retinol??It is a form of Vitamin A naturally found in the body and it helps to fight wrinkles ,smooth the skin and even rid of acne.

So i put it to the test! It says to use it before your regular cream at night so i did that and started noticing a difference within a few days. My pores were looking better and my skin felt smoother.I have been using it every night for about 2 weeks now and i cannot believe i waited this long to try it.It does wonders for my skin,my breakouts are much less now,my skin looks fresh and my pores look clearer and smaller when im not wearing makeup.
I totally recommend you give this a try if you looking for something that actually gives you results.I do not have a lot of fine lines,but i hear it works great for them also,i bet its keeping mine away :)

Have you ever tried any other products from Philosophy?? Let me know!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Lash Primer -Why you need it and my top picks

Hello lovely ladies!! Today i want to talk about something i use everyday that makes a HUGE difference in my lashes and you can also use it with ANY mascara you currently have.

Its called -Lash primer and what you do is put it on before your mascara so it can make your mascara go on better,your lashes look longer and more volume. 

Here are my top 3 picks in different price ranges for all-

Clinque Lash Building Primer-This is the one i have been using lately and feel it really helps my lashes look more healthy , it contains a unique polymer combination that holds mascara to lashes for a longer, fuller look with extended wear. The moisturizing formula also helps to condition and mend dry lashes.Also it is 100% fragrance free.$14.00

Mac Prep and Prime lash-I also adore this lash primer it smoothes and conditions. Intensifies the build and lengthening quality of all formulas.It really helps mascara last longer! $18

And last but not least -Loreal Double extend tubes mascara

This one is a two step product you put on the white primer,base coat first which helps strengthen lashes .Then you apply the mascara next which really helps to lengthen the lashes using a 'tube effect". The best thing about this mascara is no eye makeup remover is needed,you just use lots of warm water to get it off!!! A must try at a great price of  -about $10.99 but it goes on sale a lot ,so look out for a deal.

So if you are not priming your lashes yet ,you really must give it a try ,you will never go back !!! Do you know of any other good lash primers??