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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Want true clump free mascara??? Try Million Lashes!!

So like most of you ladies out there i love to try out new mascaras well this was the latest one that caught my eye and the price was also right !! (less than $10.00 at most stores) It is called Voluminous million lashes from L'oreal.

Now what i liked about it is that it has a clean sweep system so you never get to much on the brush.

The brush goes quite nicely threw my lashes even the bottom ones . It looks like this-

But i must say it may not be the best for length.So i will let you in on my professional technique i use -
iMIX TWO DIFFERENT kinds of mascara together!!

Yes use this for volume then i would use my Lancome which is amazing for lengthening,then VOLIA! I have the perfect mix . Now you can do this with any brand ,give it a try  and tell me how it works.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011


I know that i hate to wait for my nail polish to dry,there is sooo many other things i could be doing.So just sticking them on and having them be done in minutes sounds like a fantastic idea to me!

So i saw these at Walmart and decided to give them a try.

There seems to be a lot of options now for stick on nails,i did notice that Sally Hansen also had some that was an actual nail polish sticker that you stick on,i will try that one soon too.
So for this one it comes with  2 packs of stickers and a file .
The instructions are easy enough.It says to pick the size for your nail,stick on and file ,then apply a top coat.So the sticking on process is not so fun ,if its not perfectly flat you get air bubbles and well i had to cut it then file as it was way to long.
And well the filing part was not a blast in a hat thats forsure ! It was hard to file a sticker and make it look good.

Overall i was NOT IMPRESSED at all, and i would not recommend these,save your money get a nice manicure instead or a new funky polish.These may be good for young girls as they are non-toxic but not for anyone above 10 years of age.\

. Has anyone tried the sally hansen ones yet ????Or should i save my money on those too ahah  I am am sucker for nail stuff,but want GOOD qaulity .

Monday, April 11, 2011

My review of L'oreal YOUTH CODE -Serum,eye cream and Day cream

So i am sure you have all tried some sort of Anti-aging product? Am i right? Well i think i have finally found one that i love!!! You always hear all these crazy claims about products that will turn back the clock and erase all your fine lines. Well sometimes you have to try it to believe it.

I purchased the new YOUTH CODE which has 10 years of Gene Research. It is suppose to reduce the signs of stress,fatigue and aging.

 So for the past 3 weeks( i feel you need to use something for awhile to see the real results) i have been using the eye cream,day/night cream and the serum. And well ........WOW i have to say i LOVE them,i love the light non-greasy texture of the day/night cream.I also adore the silver applicator on the eye cream it makes is easy to apply.
So i think my skin looks and feels more soft and radiant,i am glowing.Before i didnt like my skin as much without makeup ,but after using this ,i feel it looks healthy and rested and any fine lines i had are not to be seen!! No one knows i will be 32 soon ,it took years off my skin and i recommend everyone give it a try!!!

Also check out L'oreal on there facebook page for lots of updates and contests -!/lorealpariscanada 

Do you have a cream you love to use ,or will you give youth code a try ?? LET ME KNOW IN COMMENTS :) I LOVE THEM! :)