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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Want true clump free mascara??? Try Million Lashes!!

So like most of you ladies out there i love to try out new mascaras well this was the latest one that caught my eye and the price was also right !! (less than $10.00 at most stores) It is called Voluminous million lashes from L'oreal.

Now what i liked about it is that it has a clean sweep system so you never get to much on the brush.

The brush goes quite nicely threw my lashes even the bottom ones . It looks like this-

But i must say it may not be the best for length.So i will let you in on my professional technique i use -
iMIX TWO DIFFERENT kinds of mascara together!!

Yes use this for volume then i would use my Lancome which is amazing for lengthening,then VOLIA! I have the perfect mix . Now you can do this with any brand ,give it a try  and tell me how it works.


  1. Hi Amanda, I have been using this mascara for a while now and I do like it. However, I have found that after a few hours of wear, my eyes feel itchy. I think I may be a little sensitive. Overall, not a bad product, though.

  2. Yah.... no. This mascara SUCKS EGGS! I mean... really! It makes my lashes clump together, and it looks tackey. there is nolonger elegence when using this product. :P

  3. hey anonynous,thats to bad,maybe it was a bad batch ,i had no problems with it at all


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