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Thursday, October 28, 2010

HAPPY HALLOWEEN!! :) Zombie style!!

Heeey everyone!Sorry i have been sooo busy lately and its only a few days until halloween!! I have not had time to do part two of the zombie makeup so i just figured i would post the best youtube tutorials that i love ,you dont have to use the makeup they suggest as long as you have the right colors:)

Also check out my friend Corey's zombie makeup-

 Corey is a zombie lover but also a freelance writer and SEO Marketing Consultant.,check out his rad website  too !!

Okay so for fun the rest of this blog will be pictures of KICK ass zombie makeup!!

 And some Celebs as zombies,can u guess who they are?

HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!! Next post will be back to beauty products and makeup reviews :)

Wednesday, October 20, 2010


So a few friends said they would love to know more about how to do ZOMBIE makeup! Im a huge fan of zombies and will be attending the annual Zombie Walk in Toronto this weekend!! I also love horror movies and anything GORY:)

So this it part one because it is just to much to write in one entry.So today i will talk about BLOOD! Which is essential to have when being a zombie!!!

You can make your own blood which i will give you give you some recipes and tell you the store bought one that i just LOVE! I just recently used it at a photo shoot,and it really looked REAL!!!

You can buy this one at most stores for under $5.00  

Now this blood will most likely stain your clothes so use old clothes and apply it at least 24 hours before so its fully dried when you want to wear it and it does not get on everything else.But when applying it to your face do it right before you go out so it looks fresh!! Unless you are going for the dried up look .

But if you would like to make it yourself try one of these recipes-

Simple Fake Blood
  • Clear Corn Syrup
  • Red Food Coloring
  • Milk - Optional
However much fake blood is how much corn syrup you'll need. Pour it into a bowl and mix in some red food coloring. Add some blue if you like. Adding a small amount of milk will make the blood appear darker and thicker.

or this one -

Realistic Recipe
  • 2/3 c. Corn Syrup
  • 1/3 c. Warm Water
  • 5 Tbsp Corn Starch
  • 4 tsp red food coloring
  • 1 Tbsp Powdered Cocoa
  • 2 drops of green or yellow food coloring
Mix the corn starch with the water in a large mixing bowl. Stir in the corn syrup. Add the food coloring slowly, checking for color.

or even one of these -

Cheap 'N' Easy Blood
This is good for spidering:
  • Plain Flour
  • Water
  • Red Food Coloring
  • 1 tsp. of Coffee
Boil the water on the stove, then sieve in the flour, making sure you get ALL of the lumps out. The quantity of ingredients aren't important, it just depends on how much you want. Once you have the flour mixed nicely into the water it should look nice and thick. Next, add the red food coloring.
You will notice that it's a ghastly, bright red colour but don't worry this is why we add the coffee. It is important that when you add the coffee to make sure the mixture is hot, otherwise it wont dissolve, but up until adding the coffee can be done in a ordinary mixing jug or pan.

Palmolive Imitation Blood
You can also make fake blood with Palmolive dish soap, (it doesn't matter how much you put in) it depends on how much blood you want! Add red berry powdered Kool-Aid!

Ok now that we have the blood covered ,in my next blog i will go over how to apply it and how to to the face makeup !!! 

Here is a picture of zombie makeup i did on my awesome boyfriend last year -
This was really easy!! But this year i want to try some more special effects like a knife in the head and more gore!!!! 

STAY TUNED!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

Thursday, October 14, 2010

KIBIO ,more organic than organic (an awesome new organic skincare line)

Have you heard of or tried KIBIO organic skin care line ? It is a fantastic line from the UK that recently is being sold in SHOPPERS DRUG MART. Here is there website

So what makes this line better than any other organic line ???
The formulas contain at least 95% active ingredients, including a vital proportion of organic ingredients, way over the minimal levels fixed by the labels.
All these ingredients are active ones. This explains the products’ effectiveness .
• Floral waters (hydrolates): laden with active principles, they are obtained through the distillation of plants and flowers.
• Vegetal oils: produced from seeds and fruits, very rich in active principles, they have great affinity with the skin’s metabolism.
• Essential oils, natural extracts, rigorously selected for their properties.
Kibio, the guarantee of products certified by the ECOCERT label.
Safety, effective and pleasure for visible, lasting results»

So i purchased this -

I have to say its damn amazing lip balm!! My fav so far,it has a great taste(orange) and texture and glides on so easy ,but yet its not sticky. I like to apply it to my models before i use lipstick so the lips are hydrated.

If you care about what you put into your body and on your skin this is an amazing organic line to give a try.They also carry a baby products line.

Remember they carry NO SILICONES ,NO MINERAL OIL ,no synthetic color or perfumes,no animals products ,no parabens and no animals testing :)

Do you use organic ??

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Review of ELF lashes and a pic of me wearing them at a photoshoot:)

LADIES! Sorry i have been uber busy lately,it has been a week since i last posted .Hope you all had a great thanksgiving :)

I want to ask you one favour first can you pretty please go to this page and VOTE so i can win a new car?? I posted a picture of my super cute hairless kitty ,it takes all of one minute and i would truly appreicate it!You can vote daily too.

This is my kitty when he was just a kitten

Ok on to the review of ELF EYELASHES which are only a $1.00!!I got them in black.

 Now i would say for the price they are pretty good.I would advise to not use the glue they come with but to purchase your own, LASH DUO works great. I trimmed mine a bit to suit my eye better ,but they stayed on all day and looked pretty good.I used them for a photoshoot i did (yes i model too as well as as being a Makeup Artist)Here have a look at this picture im wearing them

Also as a free gift from my ELF order  i got this  e.l.f. Essentials Shimmering Facial Whip in Lilac Petal

   Multipurpose, on-the-go whipped colorant is vitamin B, C and E packed to instantly brighten and soothe skin with no greasy after-feel.

I like it to use to highlight right under the brow bone and above your blush! It looks super pretty and goes on very easy. For a dollar you need to try it!!! It gives you a glowing fresh look :)But remember a little goes a long way! You need just a tiny bit:)

Right now its 50% off all orders too!!

Also since halloween is coming soon,would anyone like it if i did a tutorial on how to do zombie makeup????

Monday, October 4, 2010

GOSH !!! :)

Have you heard about or tried GOSH COSMETICS from Shoppers Drug Mart yet? Well i have and i just love them!! They have an amazing line ,it came out in 2008 and they just even expanded into hair color!!They have everything from Liquid eyeliner to face primer.
See more products here-gosh

The latest product i tried from QUO was -  ON STAGE COOLING LIP BALM
 The color is Translucent Blue and when you put it on it cools and tingles your lips! I love the sensation!The color does not really look blue when its on but more a super shiny ,sparkle filled look .It also tastes kind of  minty(because its the menthol that gives you the cooling) but fruity if that makes sense ehhe 

I think it makes my lips look super sexy and shiny and i just love this gloss! It will be a staple in my purse.
It comes in about 8 different shades so get to shoppers and get some now.They always have bonus optimuim points going on too,which is super rad :)

Will you try QUO?Or have you ,let me know what else is good .

Saturday, October 2, 2010

More Elf Reviews!!

Ok so i got around to trying out some more the products i got and this one i was not happy with at all :(

e.l.f. Essentials Eye Shadow Palette Limited Edition

 So it kind of breaks up when i try to put it on and the colors barely even show up on my eyes.So DO NOT ORDER THIS EYE PALLETTE ahah you have been warned. ITs not worth the $3.00 at all.

And the cream eyeliner is not the best either :( I prefer the maybelline eye studio one much better,it does cost more ,but sometimes its worth the price.

 This one is much harder to apply and does not stick well.And the brush is not as good either.

More reviews to come,and not all bad either ehhe 

Ok time to get to work :)

PS keep entering the contest ladies!