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Thursday, October 28, 2010

HAPPY HALLOWEEN!! :) Zombie style!!

Heeey everyone!Sorry i have been sooo busy lately and its only a few days until halloween!! I have not had time to do part two of the zombie makeup so i just figured i would post the best youtube tutorials that i love ,you dont have to use the makeup they suggest as long as you have the right colors:)

Also check out my friend Corey's zombie makeup-

 Corey is a zombie lover but also a freelance writer and SEO Marketing Consultant.,check out his rad website  too !!

Okay so for fun the rest of this blog will be pictures of KICK ass zombie makeup!!

 And some Celebs as zombies,can u guess who they are?

HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!! Next post will be back to beauty products and makeup reviews :)

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  1. These zombie makeups are so amazing! they also look so realistic. Great job for the makeup artists.

    Halloween makeup ideas


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