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Thursday, October 14, 2010

KIBIO ,more organic than organic (an awesome new organic skincare line)

Have you heard of or tried KIBIO organic skin care line ? It is a fantastic line from the UK that recently is being sold in SHOPPERS DRUG MART. Here is there website

So what makes this line better than any other organic line ???
The formulas contain at least 95% active ingredients, including a vital proportion of organic ingredients, way over the minimal levels fixed by the labels.
All these ingredients are active ones. This explains the products’ effectiveness .
• Floral waters (hydrolates): laden with active principles, they are obtained through the distillation of plants and flowers.
• Vegetal oils: produced from seeds and fruits, very rich in active principles, they have great affinity with the skin’s metabolism.
• Essential oils, natural extracts, rigorously selected for their properties.
Kibio, the guarantee of products certified by the ECOCERT label.
Safety, effective and pleasure for visible, lasting results»

So i purchased this -

I have to say its damn amazing lip balm!! My fav so far,it has a great taste(orange) and texture and glides on so easy ,but yet its not sticky. I like to apply it to my models before i use lipstick so the lips are hydrated.

If you care about what you put into your body and on your skin this is an amazing organic line to give a try.They also carry a baby products line.

Remember they carry NO SILICONES ,NO MINERAL OIL ,no synthetic color or perfumes,no animals products ,no parabens and no animals testing :)

Do you use organic ??


  1. Hi:
    I don´t want to led myself to be credulous cause at this point I´m a bit tired of finding "natural" products that are not so far, and I always find the list of ingredients a bit dissapointing. It´s useless to have so many natural products in a product, if later I find petrochemicals and so on in the list of its ingredients. So, could you take a photo of the reverse of the product where we can see the real ingredients in it? They should appear, by law.
    Thanks. Nuria Saiz.

  2. have you checked out the website i posted for them ??? it has lots of great info and i must say this company is the BEST organic product i have yet come by
    all law are different for cosmetics,depending on the place of origin and they dont always have to be directly on the product
    but you can review them on the website or call the manufacturer

  3. I have long been on a search for an organic face product for my fairly dry skin, so I recently tried KIBIO. I tried the eye serum, day and night intemporelle cream, and radiance mask. Truly amazing. It's the cream I have been looking for. It feels so light and amazing on my skin, and I find my face just looks so much healthier than when I used any of the other big name products. Definitely worth trying.

  4. I bought the sunscreen from Kibio which I'm testing at the moment. Glad to see people blogging about this brand because KIBIO is kind of new in the market. ^^;;

  5. I just tried the skin cream. I Love It !!

  6. I've been using the Kibio sunscreen for a couple of weeks and I love it! I have acne prone skin and wearing the sunscreen hasn't been a problem for it. Finally a produce I can love and work with!


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