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Monday, October 4, 2010

GOSH !!! :)

Have you heard about or tried GOSH COSMETICS from Shoppers Drug Mart yet? Well i have and i just love them!! They have an amazing line ,it came out in 2008 and they just even expanded into hair color!!They have everything from Liquid eyeliner to face primer.
See more products here-gosh

The latest product i tried from QUO was -  ON STAGE COOLING LIP BALM
 The color is Translucent Blue and when you put it on it cools and tingles your lips! I love the sensation!The color does not really look blue when its on but more a super shiny ,sparkle filled look .It also tastes kind of  minty(because its the menthol that gives you the cooling) but fruity if that makes sense ehhe 

I think it makes my lips look super sexy and shiny and i just love this gloss! It will be a staple in my purse.
It comes in about 8 different shades so get to shoppers and get some now.They always have bonus optimuim points going on too,which is super rad :)

Will you try QUO?Or have you ,let me know what else is good .


  1. so pretty and shiny. im obsessed with glosses

  2. Yes, I've tried Gosh. I have their silver pencil eyeliner! It's good stuff...and Canadian to boot!

  3. i would love to hear more reviews about gosh products!

  4. i used their haor color mahonany and it turned out black and I had a allergic reaction to it! It has burned my head, ears and neck, I have a rash over my body from the waist up...this is not fun, it burns and hurts like hell, it also looks like hell and I dont feel I can go out. I am not impressed with this product and will never use any of their products again. I would NOT recommend this product to anyone ever, I will deter anyone from buying this product and going to shoppers drug since it their own brand!

  5. thats to bad about the hair color :( thanks for the warning,but i still love there makeup!! did u call the company and make a complaint? its a good idea

  6. I just tried the Gosh Mahoga
    ny and love it!!!!!


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