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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Easy homemade glitter nails!! Use my easy steps for a hot new cheap look!!!

Soo i was at the store the other day and saw this new product that was selling glitter nails,and thought to myself -I can do this on my own for cheaper!! And they look super rad for the holidays!!!

Ok all you have to do is go to your local craft store or dollar store and buy regular glitter ,any color will do!!!

And here are the easy steps to achieve this look!!

Step 1 - Paint your nails any color you want-i used a pink from zoya

Step 2- When your nails are still WET sprinkle or dip them into the sparkles-i did this over a bowl to not make a mess and then  i just washed them under cold water to get off any sparkles that went on my fingers and not the nails.

Step 3- Make sure to seal your sparkles in with a TOP COAT,any kind will do,this will keep them from coming off.

And thats it !!!!!!!!!! Super easy and makes a statement forsure!!!


Sorry for my lack of blogging,life got busy.


Thursday, September 1, 2011

Energizing skincare at Shoppers Drugmart

Happy September 1st everyone!! I know i have not been updating much ,i have been enjoying my summer so much and also just recently started working at MAC cosmetics (i will be reviewing lots of stuff from there soon so check back) but i am here now!!! 

As you know i love skincare and think it is very important to take care of your bodies largest organ.Well i found a great new line that i had to share with you. I have been using it a little over a week and my skin feels super soft and looks healthy .I loved it so much i bought some for my mother and mother in law!!

So Shoppers Drugmart makes it and here is the website - .I like that they are all are hypoallergenic, paraben-free and hydroquinone-free.

 This is what the site about it -

"a breakthrough encapsulated delivery system that’s scientifically proven to boost ingredient absorption directly to skin cells without irritation, maximizing the benefit of each active ingredient for superior results. MULTI-PRO™ actively nourishes, conditions and fortifies the skin by increasing cellular regeneration, turnover and antioxidant protection with Vitamins A,D,E,K, Pro-Vitamin B5 & CoQ10."

I got the energizing package which includes a cleanser,toner and moisturizer.But it also comes in ,Anti-aging,hydrating and acne-prone.

I was lucky enough to get it a a beauty event where if u spend $60 you got a free gift card and also i spent over$75 so i got a free cosmetic bag filled with goodies!! They have great events and the girls that work there are very helpful.

Now the 3 pack was retailing for $75 but the location i was at had it on for ....... only $30!! WOW!!! :) I love a deal!!

Do you shop at shoppers to get the special deals ???

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Joe fresh has awesome beauty deals !!!!

Do any of you shop at Superstore??I adore the great discount section,i always find great deals at 50%0ff!
Just look at the end of the isle and there is lots of bargains to be had.

Well i always use blotting papers and today i scored some for only $1.94!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now i will not lie they are a bit thinner and rip easy ,but they do the job of removing excess oil from the face without disturbing your makeup and at this price i had to buy them.
 So no more shiny face!!!!!!! Stock up they are selling like hotcakes :)

Do you use any Joe fresh products?

Friday, July 22, 2011

I finally got the CRACKLE polish from China Glaze and i LOVE IT!

Sooo i know it has been out for awhile but i finally got some!! Yahhhhhhhhhh i was sooo excited to try it.So you can use it with any nail polish which is greaaaaaaaat! 

 I decided to buy the black and pink as i figured i would use them most. I already had some silver polish on my toes so i put the black on top ,all you do is put on one coat over your nail polish ,then it magically makes a crackle design.Just remember only apply one coat and do it quickly ,as it dries fast!

Have you tried it yet?? You should it is soooooooooooo FUN :)

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Summer is in full swing!!

Hello ladies,so summer is my busy time for makeup ,lots of weddings and photo shoots galore! So my blog has been slacking . I will be back soon with some more fun products and tips,But until then enjoy these images!!

I hope you are all having an amazing summer !!! 

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

MY FAV Cream Blushes for the summer! :)

Do you use cream blush?? It is super awesome stuff! It blends so easy without a brush all you need is your finger tips!I thought today i would let you know the ones i have been rocking lately.

And do not forget in the summer to set your blush with a powder so it will last much longer in the heat.

I adore Sally Hansens 'Natural beauty"inspired by CARMINDY .It is called SHEEREST BLUSH and you can now get it at most Shoppers Drug marts.

It is 100% Paraben free and it also contains Vitamin E ,Safflower oil and Jojoba Oil.The shade i like is called 'Beaming" but it does come in 3 great shades.

Another good choice that is not very costly is from Maybelline-Drean mousse -can be bought at almost any store that sells cosmetics.And it under $10.00 

It comes in 6 shades and the ones i like best are -PEACH SATIN ,and ROSE PETAL.But there is one for all skin tones.Also use small circle motions to apply and work it all the way to the hairline for a natural look.

Will you give it a try or do you already rock it out?

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Chemical Sunscreens BEWARE!!

So you might know i not a fan of chemical filled sunscreens and always look for more natural options.Well i found another one i wanted to tell you about today.Burts Bees Non-Chemical Sunscreen and i found it at walmart !!:)It even came with a free SPF 8 chapstick.

Most synthetic sunscreens include chemicals   like octinoxate and oxybenzone. These chemicals can seep into your skin and potentially alter how your body processes the sun’s rays, or disrupt your body’s normal hormone balance.

The main ingredient in Burt's Bees sunscreen is titanium dioxide, which acts as a physical blocker (it is not absorbed by your skin),reflecting a broad spectrum of the sun’s harmful rays (UVA and UVB).Plus, many of the ingredients in synthetic sunscreens are not biodegradable, and may have harmful environmental effects when worn in the water or discarded into landfills.

Also remember this type of sunscreen starts working as soon as you put it on ,you do NOT have to wait 30 minutes!!! SOOO AWESOME!!

Do you worry about all the chemicals in sunscreens?? It seems this topic needs more talking about,and more people need to be aware,especially when putting it on children.

Also one more thing-this is only SPF 15 so what they means is it needs to be reapplied every 150 minutes for protection.It does come in SPF which would protect you for 300 minutes,do not be fooled that a higher SPF means more protection it is the same,you just do not need to re-apply as often.

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Bronzers you need for the summer :)

Soo it is finally starting to get warmer out there!! Yippeee! So we all want that sun kissed glow,but not from the real sun but with some amazing bronzers!! So today i am going to list a few of the ones i just adore .

1)Lets start with PHYSICIANS FORMULA-I have been a fan and user of theres for years and it always impresses me!This year they have come out with a few new ones i am just wild about.

 This is called HAPPY BOOSTER BRONZER and it contains natural plant extracts which have been shown to promote a feeling of happiness by mimicking the effect of Endorphins and helping protect the skin from environmental stress.How rad is that ??? It is Ultra smooth and gives you a healthy pop of color!

Don't forget its -Hypoallergenic. Paraben free. Dermatologist approved. Non-Comedogenic.:)Priced around $16.00 at Walmart and up to $20 at Shoppers Drug Mart .

2)Another one i enjoy that never looks orange or fake is RIMMEL NATURAL BRONZER-

I like this one well because the price is under $10.00 and it is light and pretty and has a SPF of 8 in it. (which is not a lot so wear sunscreen too ladies)

3)One last one that i am also digging is from STILA and its a bronzing tinted moisturizer with SPF 20.
Shoppers Drug Mart now carries this super amazing brand.
This is an amazing product! It is oil free but it still hydrates your skin .It contains great stuff like ginseng root extract, gingko biloba leaf extract and chamomile for antioxidant protection.But it also 
is infused with light diffusing pigments to help diminish the look of fine lines and wrinkles and hyaluronic acid to increase elasticity.
Dont forget it is very lightweight and blends easy into the skin for a natural look with a glow.
It is priced at about $32.00 but so worth it cause it a sunblock too!!

One last thing do you all know how to apply a bronzer  powder for a Natural look?? Well follow these easy hints-

A little goes a long way,start by putting it in the apple of your cheeks where you would normally apply blush then carry it all the way up in the hairline near the ears. And apply it areas where the sun would naturally hit you like your nose ,forehead ,chin and do not forget a little on your neck on you decollete.Again keep it looking natural and do not over do it . :)

Do u have any bronzers you cannot live without ??

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Want true clump free mascara??? Try Million Lashes!!

So like most of you ladies out there i love to try out new mascaras well this was the latest one that caught my eye and the price was also right !! (less than $10.00 at most stores) It is called Voluminous million lashes from L'oreal.

Now what i liked about it is that it has a clean sweep system so you never get to much on the brush.

The brush goes quite nicely threw my lashes even the bottom ones . It looks like this-

But i must say it may not be the best for length.So i will let you in on my professional technique i use -
iMIX TWO DIFFERENT kinds of mascara together!!

Yes use this for volume then i would use my Lancome which is amazing for lengthening,then VOLIA! I have the perfect mix . Now you can do this with any brand ,give it a try  and tell me how it works.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011


I know that i hate to wait for my nail polish to dry,there is sooo many other things i could be doing.So just sticking them on and having them be done in minutes sounds like a fantastic idea to me!

So i saw these at Walmart and decided to give them a try.

There seems to be a lot of options now for stick on nails,i did notice that Sally Hansen also had some that was an actual nail polish sticker that you stick on,i will try that one soon too.
So for this one it comes with  2 packs of stickers and a file .
The instructions are easy enough.It says to pick the size for your nail,stick on and file ,then apply a top coat.So the sticking on process is not so fun ,if its not perfectly flat you get air bubbles and well i had to cut it then file as it was way to long.
And well the filing part was not a blast in a hat thats forsure ! It was hard to file a sticker and make it look good.

Overall i was NOT IMPRESSED at all, and i would not recommend these,save your money get a nice manicure instead or a new funky polish.These may be good for young girls as they are non-toxic but not for anyone above 10 years of age.\

. Has anyone tried the sally hansen ones yet ????Or should i save my money on those too ahah  I am am sucker for nail stuff,but want GOOD qaulity .

Monday, April 11, 2011

My review of L'oreal YOUTH CODE -Serum,eye cream and Day cream

So i am sure you have all tried some sort of Anti-aging product? Am i right? Well i think i have finally found one that i love!!! You always hear all these crazy claims about products that will turn back the clock and erase all your fine lines. Well sometimes you have to try it to believe it.

I purchased the new YOUTH CODE which has 10 years of Gene Research. It is suppose to reduce the signs of stress,fatigue and aging.

 So for the past 3 weeks( i feel you need to use something for awhile to see the real results) i have been using the eye cream,day/night cream and the serum. And well ........WOW i have to say i LOVE them,i love the light non-greasy texture of the day/night cream.I also adore the silver applicator on the eye cream it makes is easy to apply.
So i think my skin looks and feels more soft and radiant,i am glowing.Before i didnt like my skin as much without makeup ,but after using this ,i feel it looks healthy and rested and any fine lines i had are not to be seen!! No one knows i will be 32 soon ,it took years off my skin and i recommend everyone give it a try!!!

Also check out L'oreal on there facebook page for lots of updates and contests -!/lorealpariscanada 

Do you have a cream you love to use ,or will you give youth code a try ?? LET ME KNOW IN COMMENTS :) I LOVE THEM! :)

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Is it really Organic??

So recently i watched a great video -
which looked at cosmetic products that were labeled organic but really had lots of chemicals in them!! Did you know ,It is impossible to guarantee that a product labelled " organic' is truly organic because organic standards in Canada are voluntary. The province of Quebec is the only Canadian province having a mandatory system of accreditation.

But the good news is this is going to be phased out in the next 2 years a new Canada Organic logo will be permitted for use only on those  products certified as meeting the revised Canadian standard for organic production and that contain at least 95 percent organic ingredients.

So the only way to really know if your product is truly organic,is to read the labels or even call the company and ask and if you get no answer well then i bet it is not.

But i will show you some products that i do love that are truly organic:)

I have blogged about it before and want to mention again i love KIBIO
Which you can buy at Shoppers Drug Mart . 
They have an amazing line of skin care products and tell you exactly how much is organic and natural.
Radiance Moisturizing Cream-
Jojoba vegetal oil and shea butter: rehydrating*, softening and protective
Essential oils of bitter almond and sweet orange: soothe and provides a natural scent

So buyers BEWARE!!! Even a lot of mineral makeup out there is not pure minerals ,they have a lot of fillers and chemicals added in too!! SO READ LABELS :)

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Intensify you eye color with new Eye Illuminators Mascara from L'oreal

So as you may know i adore mascara from L'oreal i have always come back to using it year after year because well it looks great and is the right price :) Today i want to review the new L'oreal Double Extend Eye Illuminator .

It is a two step mascara ,first you use the black side ,applying 2 coats and getting right into the roots.Which looks like this-

Then you apply the colored end which depending on your eye color will change The second step is to applying the colored end just to the tips of the lashes to give them an extra sparkle. 
( Illuminating top coat intensifies eye color with light-reflecting pearls as its purpose is to bring out the color of your eyes).

I find it is very subtle but that is what makes it nice ,you do not look like you are wearing glitter .I bought the one for all eye colors which is just a gray sparkle and i also got the one for my eye color which is a copper sparkle. I have to admit i like them both and alternate with them depending on my mood.I do like the brushes and it went on very well.I would for sure recommend you give it a try for a nice change and give your eyes some pizzaz :)

Here is me wearing the one for blue eyes-

Have you tried any new mascaras lately,or will you give this one a try??

Friday, March 4, 2011

Scented nail polish??? Yes its new from Revlon!

Sooooooo i have been uber busy lately so have not had a chance to update as much,but i came across an interesting product today at Shoppers Drug Mart! Have you heard they now have scented nail polish ?? YES!! It is true ,it smells when it dries!! I tried out a few different colors to see if it really works and it does maybe for a day or two but seems to wear off the more you wash your hands.So it is a fun thing to try and at a great price too ! 
Have a lookie and see,i really liked the purple(grapey icey ) and the orange(orange smoothie),it really does smell yummy when dry!!:)

Is this something you would try out????

Friday, February 18, 2011

Cake Beauty has come out with a STRAWBERRY SHORTCAKE line!! :)

Growing up i was a girly girl i love my barbie dolls but i also adored my strawberry shortcake doll!! I also was lucky enough to have the most rad strawberry shortcake bicycle equipped with red streamers on the handle bars and even a banana seat!! So it has great childhood memories,and i am sooooo happy to see this new line!!

In the line they have a decadent hand cream,bath and shower suds ,lip butter and my fav a body butter!!And of course they all smell like  the berry sweet scent of warm vanilla cake, cream and fresh strawberries!!

Do not forget that Cake beauty is PARABEN free and uses tons of natural ingredients like,aloe vera,mango butter and sunflower oils!!
You can order from the site and also check out the great contest they have to win 30 products free!!!!

Did you love strawberry shortcake growing up as much as me ???

Monday, February 7, 2011

What are makeup brushes made of ?Which are best??

So i am sure all of know having good makeup brushes can make all the difference in how your makeup looks and the ease of applying it.But have you ever thought what are they made of and how are they made ,or which works best,natural or synthetic?

Well let me explain first what natural brushes are made of and how.
Most brushes labeled 'Natural" are made of different types of animal hair like Sable,pony,goat and even badger and squirrel!!! The pro of getting a brush like this is it will last literally forever,but it will cost you and harm to the animals.
The process of getting the hairs for sable comes from the fur industry which kills millions of them just for people to wear them,i am not a fan of this practice.And to get the goat hair goats are shorn like sheep. Workers are often paid by volume, so they shear the goats quickly, which can result in serious injuries.
 Read more here

 There is the alternative which is synthetic brushes like  Acrylic which are more cost effective and actually easier to clean and no animals are harmed .
Check out these amazing ones from the Body
Here is the foundation brush for only $23.00.i find that synthetic brushes actually work much better with liquid makeup and go on much smoother .

 Another great option to try out that you can get at Zellers or Walmart is Eco Tools-
This earth-friendly brush set is packed with the 5 high-quality brushes you need to look beautiful. And, it shows respect for the planet:
• Bamboo handle has a low impact on the earth’s resources as it is a highly sustainable plant.
• Synthetic taklon bristles are 100% cruelty free.
• Sleek ferrule is made from recycled aluminum.
• Cosmetic case is made from natural cotton and hemp.

Will you make the change over to brushes that do not harm animals???

Saturday, January 22, 2011

ISOMERS Review and beauty bargains on The Shopping Channel

I am sure all of you have tuned into the shopping channel every now and again,well recently a friend told me about all the amazing beauty products they offer and at good prices with brands like DuWop, It Cosmetics and Bare Escentuals ,they even have a clearance section!!
Well check out this bargain on there right now -

bareMinerals Eye Kit with Brushes & Bonus Lipsticks is only $14.77 for-
• 2 x Eye Colour Duo - Vanilla Sugar & Cashmere (0.02oz/0.57g each)
• 1 x Wet/Dry Shadow Brush
• 2 x Natural Lipcolours (bellini - peach frost) (butter pecan - copper glaze)

It is an all natural formula with no artificial dyes and no preservatives and i have been a fan of them for a long time.

Ok well i also decided to order something else.I am always on the market for a new primer,since it something i find truly makes a difference in how the foundation looks. So i found this one that had great reviews so i figured i would put it to the test. 
IT is from a company that is Canadian called ISOMERS
They make a huge variety of anti-aging creams,serums and body products that use the finest ingredients and are based on science.

 This is product i tried-ISOMERS HIGH DEFINTION PRIMER 

It came at a great price only $20.00 and the bottle is quite big!! It is 55ml which is way bigger than most primers on the market that even cost more.
This is what it states on the site -
uses breakthrough technology based on clear, coated microlens spheres and detonated diamonds that blend with skin's natural pigments to help build, amplify, and modify the colour of the skin. Worn alone or under foundation, it helps to reduce the appearance of fine lines, superficial ruddiness and pores for flawless skin with a velvety-smooth finish. 

Now this is what i think-I used just one small pump and it was enough to cover my whole face(so this bottle should last awhile) It went on very smooth and absorbed quickly.My skin felt soft ,but still had a matte finish and i must admit my pores did look smaller!!! You need to know that i have big pores and most products that claim to make them look smaller do not work,but i really did like this one. I have a red undertone to my skin also and it did help to take that down,when i put my foundation it went on flawlessly.
This is a product i would recommend and it is great for lines too.

Have any of you heard of ISOMERS or want to give it a try?

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Eyeshadow TRANSFORMER ! what it is and why you need it :)

Some of you may know about this totally rad product but if you do not no fear,i will let you in on the secret that i  have been using for years!!
Do you love to wear eyeliner but hate to have buy tons and tons of different shades? And i bet you  already have all the eyeshadow colors to match?? Am i right??

Eyeshadow Transformer is exactly what you need ,

 It lets you magically transform any eyeshadow into a smudge-proof liquid liner. :)

Here are a few you can buy at Sephora and this one is on sale now for only $6.00!! What a great deal then you will have tons of color choices for liner !!

Use this unique, clear liquid and built-in eyeliner brush to match your eyeliner with your eye shadow for a more intense, sophisticated makeup look. 


And one more choice for you to consider if you need some new shadows to is this-

Liquif-Eye Shadow Collection  by Too Faced
What it is:
A palette of 12 ultra-intense, magnificent metallic and smoldering smoky shadows, plus Too Faced's eyeshadow transformer, Liquif-Eye.

 This one has tons of amazing colors that will make your eyes pop and you can use them as eyeliner and even lip liner or just as shadow too a great buy at $36.00

Will you give shadow transformer a try,or have you already???

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Happy New Year! Lets start it off smelling super amazing:)

Well i hope you had a great new years and have started your year off right!
I know i have been taking my supplements and feel like i have more energy .My new years changes are to eat more healthy and cut back on sugar.

 I know i love to smell good and recieved so many perfume samples at the end of the year(i  go to the counters and get a bunch then see which i like before I buy) It is time to review the ones that i liked.

I am not a actual fan of Britney Spears as a person at all ,but i must say i do like her new fragrance RADIENCE . ( i will also admit that i have a bottle of FANTASY hiding in my bathroom too hehe )
It is a sparkling blend of exotic fruits and soft florals, which to me is light and fresh and not overpowering.This one is a keeper,great for daytime use.

Also i must say i really liked GIVENCHY -HOT COUTURE

It contains Raspberry dew and Jasmine and i am a sucker for the smell of raspberries,this one smells good enough to eat!! Very sweet smelling .but still soft,again a good daytime scent.

And this is one my boyfriend was a huge fan of -Jean Paul Gaultier 'Le Male",i love love love the bottle desigen and well i adore the models in the adds,who doesnt love a sailor boy full of ink ahah 
 Mint, lavender and vanilla blend to create a fragrance that is fresh and tender, strong and virile. The essence of modern masculinity.

What smell are you into this year ,or do you have a great one you already adore??

Let me know !