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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Happy New Year! Lets start it off smelling super amazing:)

Well i hope you had a great new years and have started your year off right!
I know i have been taking my supplements and feel like i have more energy .My new years changes are to eat more healthy and cut back on sugar.

 I know i love to smell good and recieved so many perfume samples at the end of the year(i  go to the counters and get a bunch then see which i like before I buy) It is time to review the ones that i liked.

I am not a actual fan of Britney Spears as a person at all ,but i must say i do like her new fragrance RADIENCE . ( i will also admit that i have a bottle of FANTASY hiding in my bathroom too hehe )
It is a sparkling blend of exotic fruits and soft florals, which to me is light and fresh and not overpowering.This one is a keeper,great for daytime use.

Also i must say i really liked GIVENCHY -HOT COUTURE

It contains Raspberry dew and Jasmine and i am a sucker for the smell of raspberries,this one smells good enough to eat!! Very sweet smelling .but still soft,again a good daytime scent.

And this is one my boyfriend was a huge fan of -Jean Paul Gaultier 'Le Male",i love love love the bottle desigen and well i adore the models in the adds,who doesnt love a sailor boy full of ink ahah 
 Mint, lavender and vanilla blend to create a fragrance that is fresh and tender, strong and virile. The essence of modern masculinity.

What smell are you into this year ,or do you have a great one you already adore??

Let me know !

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