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Sunday, January 9, 2011

Eyeshadow TRANSFORMER ! what it is and why you need it :)

Some of you may know about this totally rad product but if you do not no fear,i will let you in on the secret that i  have been using for years!!
Do you love to wear eyeliner but hate to have buy tons and tons of different shades? And i bet you  already have all the eyeshadow colors to match?? Am i right??

Eyeshadow Transformer is exactly what you need ,

 It lets you magically transform any eyeshadow into a smudge-proof liquid liner. :)

Here are a few you can buy at Sephora and this one is on sale now for only $6.00!! What a great deal then you will have tons of color choices for liner !!

Use this unique, clear liquid and built-in eyeliner brush to match your eyeliner with your eye shadow for a more intense, sophisticated makeup look. 


And one more choice for you to consider if you need some new shadows to is this-

Liquif-Eye Shadow Collection  by Too Faced
What it is:
A palette of 12 ultra-intense, magnificent metallic and smoldering smoky shadows, plus Too Faced's eyeshadow transformer, Liquif-Eye.

 This one has tons of amazing colors that will make your eyes pop and you can use them as eyeliner and even lip liner or just as shadow too a great buy at $36.00

Will you give shadow transformer a try,or have you already???

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  1. Face Atelier has a similar product that I use all the time and love.

    I am enjoying your blog!



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