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Saturday, January 22, 2011

ISOMERS Review and beauty bargains on The Shopping Channel

I am sure all of you have tuned into the shopping channel every now and again,well recently a friend told me about all the amazing beauty products they offer and at good prices with brands like DuWop, It Cosmetics and Bare Escentuals ,they even have a clearance section!!
Well check out this bargain on there right now -

bareMinerals Eye Kit with Brushes & Bonus Lipsticks is only $14.77 for-
• 2 x Eye Colour Duo - Vanilla Sugar & Cashmere (0.02oz/0.57g each)
• 1 x Wet/Dry Shadow Brush
• 2 x Natural Lipcolours (bellini - peach frost) (butter pecan - copper glaze)

It is an all natural formula with no artificial dyes and no preservatives and i have been a fan of them for a long time.

Ok well i also decided to order something else.I am always on the market for a new primer,since it something i find truly makes a difference in how the foundation looks. So i found this one that had great reviews so i figured i would put it to the test. 
IT is from a company that is Canadian called ISOMERS
They make a huge variety of anti-aging creams,serums and body products that use the finest ingredients and are based on science.

 This is product i tried-ISOMERS HIGH DEFINTION PRIMER 

It came at a great price only $20.00 and the bottle is quite big!! It is 55ml which is way bigger than most primers on the market that even cost more.
This is what it states on the site -
uses breakthrough technology based on clear, coated microlens spheres and detonated diamonds that blend with skin's natural pigments to help build, amplify, and modify the colour of the skin. Worn alone or under foundation, it helps to reduce the appearance of fine lines, superficial ruddiness and pores for flawless skin with a velvety-smooth finish. 

Now this is what i think-I used just one small pump and it was enough to cover my whole face(so this bottle should last awhile) It went on very smooth and absorbed quickly.My skin felt soft ,but still had a matte finish and i must admit my pores did look smaller!!! You need to know that i have big pores and most products that claim to make them look smaller do not work,but i really did like this one. I have a red undertone to my skin also and it did help to take that down,when i put my foundation it went on flawlessly.
This is a product i would recommend and it is great for lines too.

Have any of you heard of ISOMERS or want to give it a try?

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Eyeshadow TRANSFORMER ! what it is and why you need it :)

Some of you may know about this totally rad product but if you do not no fear,i will let you in on the secret that i  have been using for years!!
Do you love to wear eyeliner but hate to have buy tons and tons of different shades? And i bet you  already have all the eyeshadow colors to match?? Am i right??

Eyeshadow Transformer is exactly what you need ,

 It lets you magically transform any eyeshadow into a smudge-proof liquid liner. :)

Here are a few you can buy at Sephora and this one is on sale now for only $6.00!! What a great deal then you will have tons of color choices for liner !!

Use this unique, clear liquid and built-in eyeliner brush to match your eyeliner with your eye shadow for a more intense, sophisticated makeup look. 


And one more choice for you to consider if you need some new shadows to is this-

Liquif-Eye Shadow Collection  by Too Faced
What it is:
A palette of 12 ultra-intense, magnificent metallic and smoldering smoky shadows, plus Too Faced's eyeshadow transformer, Liquif-Eye.

 This one has tons of amazing colors that will make your eyes pop and you can use them as eyeliner and even lip liner or just as shadow too a great buy at $36.00

Will you give shadow transformer a try,or have you already???

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Happy New Year! Lets start it off smelling super amazing:)

Well i hope you had a great new years and have started your year off right!
I know i have been taking my supplements and feel like i have more energy .My new years changes are to eat more healthy and cut back on sugar.

 I know i love to smell good and recieved so many perfume samples at the end of the year(i  go to the counters and get a bunch then see which i like before I buy) It is time to review the ones that i liked.

I am not a actual fan of Britney Spears as a person at all ,but i must say i do like her new fragrance RADIENCE . ( i will also admit that i have a bottle of FANTASY hiding in my bathroom too hehe )
It is a sparkling blend of exotic fruits and soft florals, which to me is light and fresh and not overpowering.This one is a keeper,great for daytime use.

Also i must say i really liked GIVENCHY -HOT COUTURE

It contains Raspberry dew and Jasmine and i am a sucker for the smell of raspberries,this one smells good enough to eat!! Very sweet smelling .but still soft,again a good daytime scent.

And this is one my boyfriend was a huge fan of -Jean Paul Gaultier 'Le Male",i love love love the bottle desigen and well i adore the models in the adds,who doesnt love a sailor boy full of ink ahah 
 Mint, lavender and vanilla blend to create a fragrance that is fresh and tender, strong and virile. The essence of modern masculinity.

What smell are you into this year ,or do you have a great one you already adore??

Let me know !