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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Is it really Organic??

So recently i watched a great video -
which looked at cosmetic products that were labeled organic but really had lots of chemicals in them!! Did you know ,It is impossible to guarantee that a product labelled " organic' is truly organic because organic standards in Canada are voluntary. The province of Quebec is the only Canadian province having a mandatory system of accreditation.

But the good news is this is going to be phased out in the next 2 years a new Canada Organic logo will be permitted for use only on those  products certified as meeting the revised Canadian standard for organic production and that contain at least 95 percent organic ingredients.

So the only way to really know if your product is truly organic,is to read the labels or even call the company and ask and if you get no answer well then i bet it is not.

But i will show you some products that i do love that are truly organic:)

I have blogged about it before and want to mention again i love KIBIO
Which you can buy at Shoppers Drug Mart . 
They have an amazing line of skin care products and tell you exactly how much is organic and natural.
Radiance Moisturizing Cream-
Jojoba vegetal oil and shea butter: rehydrating*, softening and protective
Essential oils of bitter almond and sweet orange: soothe and provides a natural scent

So buyers BEWARE!!! Even a lot of mineral makeup out there is not pure minerals ,they have a lot of fillers and chemicals added in too!! SO READ LABELS :)

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