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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Intensify you eye color with new Eye Illuminators Mascara from L'oreal

So as you may know i adore mascara from L'oreal i have always come back to using it year after year because well it looks great and is the right price :) Today i want to review the new L'oreal Double Extend Eye Illuminator .

It is a two step mascara ,first you use the black side ,applying 2 coats and getting right into the roots.Which looks like this-

Then you apply the colored end which depending on your eye color will change The second step is to applying the colored end just to the tips of the lashes to give them an extra sparkle. 
( Illuminating top coat intensifies eye color with light-reflecting pearls as its purpose is to bring out the color of your eyes).

I find it is very subtle but that is what makes it nice ,you do not look like you are wearing glitter .I bought the one for all eye colors which is just a gray sparkle and i also got the one for my eye color which is a copper sparkle. I have to admit i like them both and alternate with them depending on my mood.I do like the brushes and it went on very well.I would for sure recommend you give it a try for a nice change and give your eyes some pizzaz :)

Here is me wearing the one for blue eyes-

Have you tried any new mascaras lately,or will you give this one a try??


  1. Love the new layout!!! very cool :)

  2. I will definitely give this a try! Hopefully this will give my brown eyes a bit of sparkle:)

  3. I like that beauty tips because now my eyes look ordinary. I want to try it to see the difference if I use it.


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