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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

MY FAV Cream Blushes for the summer! :)

Do you use cream blush?? It is super awesome stuff! It blends so easy without a brush all you need is your finger tips!I thought today i would let you know the ones i have been rocking lately.

And do not forget in the summer to set your blush with a powder so it will last much longer in the heat.

I adore Sally Hansens 'Natural beauty"inspired by CARMINDY .It is called SHEEREST BLUSH and you can now get it at most Shoppers Drug marts.

It is 100% Paraben free and it also contains Vitamin E ,Safflower oil and Jojoba Oil.The shade i like is called 'Beaming" but it does come in 3 great shades.

Another good choice that is not very costly is from Maybelline-Drean mousse -can be bought at almost any store that sells cosmetics.And it under $10.00 

It comes in 6 shades and the ones i like best are -PEACH SATIN ,and ROSE PETAL.But there is one for all skin tones.Also use small circle motions to apply and work it all the way to the hairline for a natural look.

Will you give it a try or do you already rock it out?


  1. I have tried cream blush but I find with my oily skin that I do better with a powder blush. I love that Sally Hansen color though.

  2. hey i have more oily skin too but still find it works well as long as i set it with a powder :)

  3. I STILL want to try the Maybelline dream mousse blushes! I think I may have tried peach satin once..but I worry that it's more shimmery than pigmented. I just don't want to look shiny! I just posted my favorite summer cream blushes too that you should definitely look into if you haven't! Great post :)


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