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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Best EYELASH glues :)

Soo when i first started this blog i did a post on good eyelashes to use,but i think also what makes the false eyelashes look good is using the BEST glue!!! I know with the holidays coming and parties you should all rock some hot lashes!!

Why choose a better quality glue? Because then it will be easier to put on,not come off and most important it will not irrate your eyes.

So here are what i think are the  best lash adhesive's -

1) This is the best out there -Duo Eyelash Glue in BLACK-The reason i say pick it in black is because with most eye designs you will have black eyeliner on and this blends flawlessly to achieve a great look!But it also comes in clear,which is a good option for simple looks or if your hand is not to steady.
You can buy this one at MAC and it is also WATERPROOF and is the only brand that attains the medical standard for false eyelash glue.

2) Ardell Waterproof Lash Grip Eyelash Adhesive -You can pick this up at most drug stores and some of the lashes you buy it will come inside the package .This is also WATERPROOF ,it most commonly comes in a clear format .It comes out white but dries as clear which is good.I find this one applies rather nice and dries quickly.I also find that when it is time to take off your lashes this one comes off very easy and does not bother my eyes at all.

 And last but not least a new one i just picked up and have been using is this -
3)Revlon Precision Lash Adhesive-IT cane be picked up at Walmart,it dries clear,is waterproof and latex free and the best thing about it is its MESS FREE! Because it comes with a very thin tipped brush ,all you need to do is brush it on the lashes and your good to go!So for first time users this one is soooo easy to use!!

So i want to see you all looking fantastic this holiday season in your flirty lashes ladies! :)

Ps- DO any of you have any other glues you like to use ???


  1. Amazing stuff I love the ardell lash glues!

  2. I just started using that Revlon one and I love it. It doesn't smell like the DUO one and it has that easy little brush.
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