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Thursday, November 11, 2010

What beauty products to pack when going on vacation???

Hey ladies!! So i booked a fantastic trip to MONTEGO BAY ,JAMAICA! I am super excited and will be leaving in just a few weeks ,so i figured it might be a good idea to figure out what I need to bring with me ,i still want to look nice when i am out on the beach having dinner . So today i will write about the essentials to pack when heading away on a tropical vacation.

*****Also when packing i suggest putting all liquid products in a ZIP LOCK bag so in case they get broken they will not wreck everything in your luggage. Also anything that can shatter like eyeshadow.********

Well we all know the number one thing we better bring is-

1) SUNBLOCK,you can see my past post i did on how safe they are and the ones i recommend-
sun protection
.Also i do prefer the OIL FREE ones and it nice to have one you can spray on so its quick and easy .

2) TINTED MOISTURIZER or a LIGHTWEIGHT FOUNDATION and POWDER- The reason i suggest a tinted moisturizer is it is quick to apply and gives you a natural look and helps to hydrate.

3)BLOTTING PAPERS-they help to absorb oil and shine ,read about the ones i like best here-oil blotting papers

4)A good BLUSH/BRONZER in one like- CARGO beach blush

5)EYESHADOW-ITs probably a good idea to bring just one of your fav palettes the colors you like most.(also a waterproof eyeliner may be a good idea if you like to wear it)

6)WATERPROOF MASCARA! -This is a must so your lashes always look great and you dont have raccoon eyes.

7)BRUSHES -Bring a few key brushes like blush brush,powder brush and a great shadow brush.

8)FACIAL WIPES or BABY WIPES-Are excellent to wipe off your makeup at the end of the night quickly,cause you don't want to waste anytime on your holiday.

9) Leave in CONDITIONER or a good one you can leave in your hair while at the beach that has a sunscreen in it. We tend to forget our hair gets sun too ,so applying one that protects it is a great idea ,or wear a hat when you can.

10)LIP GLOSS OR BALM with SUNSCREEN- Yes our lips can burn so protect them while making them look nice,this is an ESSENTIAL.

So you want your makeup to be light and simple and fun ,and do not OVERPACK ,bring what you will use and need ,thats it.
One more thing i like to bring some aftersun or ALOE in case of a burn and also bug spray for at night cause you never know .

Well now i have my list made and i can start packing soon!!

Can you add any other items you like to take when you vacation ,or have any tips when packing?


  1. Awesome! It's nice even to READ about a beach vacation this time of year :) At least I can live vicariously through you! I read on one beauty blog that Starbucks napkins make excellent blotting papers... Ever heard such a thing? I have yet to test out the theory, lol.


  2. Great post! I have some great skin care products with sunscreen in them, along with professional make-up :)


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