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Thursday, February 11, 2010

All about eyelashes you could ever want to know!

Today im going to tell you about false lashes,i totally love them and if you tried them i bet you would too and i will let you know some simple techniques on how to apply them!
I usually wear them for special occassions or when i really want my eyes to pop!Some people are scared of them ,but they shouldn;t they are really easy to apply and you can get ones that look more natural.If you go to shoppers drug mart they have some great ones there,or if you want to splurge Mac also has a great selection!
You can reuse them on yourself many times ,just not on anyone else for sanitary reasons.
I think the Quo ones work just fine and even the Ardene  if you can buy a pack that has glue included even better!

Ok so here are the simple step to apply them ,make sure they are the right size for your eyes ,and cut if needed. I like to put on mascara before hand so do this now.

Then take some glue and put it on your hand,run the lashes through the glue and try to put a bit extra on the edges,because if they come lose those are spots that usually need more.Wait about 10 seconds for it to get tacky then stick it  on your lash line ,hold for about 10 seconds then push on with the tip of a makeup brush or even tweezers,.Dont overthink this step,jus stick them on quickly :) then thats its your done.Just make sure they are both lined up equally ,if not u can take them off and reapply.To remove just slowly peel from the inner corner.

 You can try lash extensions,they are a bit more costly ,but can last over a month and you will never need to even wear mascara! They take about an hour or so to apply and you must sit with your eyes closed the whole time.Then to upkeep them they need to be filled.The cost can range anywhere from $100 to$ 300 depending on where you go and how many lashes are applied.Most upscale spas and salons are now offering this service.

One more thing if both these things scare you,i have just heard great things about RAPIDLASH ($60 at shoppers) it uses a combination of amino acids and vitamins to grow more lashes.

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