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Sunday, April 11, 2010

SKINCARE its sooo important ladies! Today i blog about the best cleansers

You could invest hundreds of dollars in amazing makeup ,but if you put it on skin that looks dull, dry and devitalized it just is not going to look good ladies!

So today i'm going to blog about one of my fav things,skincare and having a proper regimen for it.I know we all want healthy ,glowing ,hydrated skin and i will let you know the proper steps to achieve it.I'm sure we all can not afford to get a facial every day ,but most of the stuff that is done is spas can now be achieved at home.

So here goes step one- ,i'm sure we all know is getting a good cleanser for your skin type.Don't just grab any old one off the shelf,actually look to see if its right for you!
If your dry ,get an more creamy one,if your oily ,then go for one thats gel based .Basically read the label.Also i like to sometimes change my cleanser depending on the season,so more creamy in winter and more gel like in summer.
Never wash your face with hot or cold water (both can cause broken capillaries those yucky red things we all hate). Also be careful not to over cleanse,you dont want it all red.
Here are a few of my fav cleansers

for OILY SKIN types try

Neutrogena Oil-Free Acne Wash Pink Grapefruit Facial Cleanser ,is great for oily skin and it contain salicylic acid to fight bacteria and natural derived grapefruit extract about $7.00 at any drugstore


 One cleanser im currently using now is  for acne prone skin,its a Tea Tree based product and its very anti-bacterial so it fights those pimples,but gentle enough to use everyday -Get it at the Body Shop for $11.00

 For normal to dry skin try this

Cleanse, hydrate and remove makeup with organic ingredients. This soap-free, non-drying formula uses natural cleansing agents from sugar and corn to remove dirt and debris. Rich in natural and certified organic ingredients, the soothing scent of vanilla and tangerine will heighten your senses.Retails about $17.59 at most health store or even i think walmart may have it


Spectro Gel can be used for all skin types because they are very gentle ,even hospitals use it to clean wounds,its fragrance free too!retails about $13.79 at any drugstore


Oh and no need to use to much ,a lit bit of cleanser goes a long way!!Like the size of a quarter is all you need,so it should last you months,also i love to use a wash cloth,i feel it helps to really get rid of grime more than just your hands.
Do you have any cleansers you love? tell me about them





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  1. Thanks for the info! I found a cleanser I love by Gabriel Cosmetics (I have to order it through the internet as it is not available in Canada). It is a purifying cleanser-a nice gel formula that lathers well and leaves my skin feeling super clean. Love it!


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