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Monday, April 5, 2010

what goes first concealer or foundation? what goes last? and why?

So before i get into any more brushes i think i want to go over what steps should you apply first,after learning so many different ways this is what i figured out works best and i want to share it with you to make your life easier!

1)Do your eye makeup first!

Why you ask.? Because if any shadow or mascara spills on your face(and believe me this happens )it can be cleaned up with a q-tip right away! But if you had your foundation already  on then you would have to take that off too and redo it,so it really saves time and mess!

STEPS FOR EYE MAKE -EyeShadow Primer,Liner,Eyeshadow,Curl eyelashes,mascara then false lashes if needed.Eyebrows filled in if needed

2)Now you apply your liquid foundation with your brush to well hydrated skin(put on moisturizer then sunblock too if you will be out in the sun)

3)Then you use concealer ( use fingers or brush),only apply to areas that need it ,like a pimple or under the eyes ,less is more ,we don't want it to look cakey.

4)Blush ,with brush,either cream or powder

5)Contour and Highlight (i will explain how to do this in a video soon)

6)Powder is LAST ,the reason is this will set all the rest of the makeup so it does not go anywhere

7)Lips -they can be done earlier but usually I find lipstick or gloss is the first to wear off so i like to apply it last.

Please stayed tuned for my next blog ,i will be reviewing the best ant-aging moisturizers in all price ranges as i have been getting a lot of requests for this.

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  1. Thanks for the step-by-step; it really helps. I often put my concealer on before my foundation but I'll try it the other way around now.


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