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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

HELP ME Cream by Philosophy really HELPS my skin!

So i have been hearing about this cream for quite some time but never tried it yet .It is from a company called Philosophy here is there site - . I also want to mention you can buy it at The Bay now and Sephora.  
Well i was on the market for a GOOD anti-aging product but also something that will not make me break out as i tend to be acne-prone.

This cream contains RETINOL which is an amazing ingredient in skincare! What is retinol??It is a form of Vitamin A naturally found in the body and it helps to fight wrinkles ,smooth the skin and even rid of acne.

So i put it to the test! It says to use it before your regular cream at night so i did that and started noticing a difference within a few days. My pores were looking better and my skin felt smoother.I have been using it every night for about 2 weeks now and i cannot believe i waited this long to try it.It does wonders for my skin,my breakouts are much less now,my skin looks fresh and my pores look clearer and smaller when im not wearing makeup.
I totally recommend you give this a try if you looking for something that actually gives you results.I do not have a lot of fine lines,but i hear it works great for them also,i bet its keeping mine away :)

Have you ever tried any other products from Philosophy?? Let me know!

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