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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Lash Primer -Why you need it and my top picks

Hello lovely ladies!! Today i want to talk about something i use everyday that makes a HUGE difference in my lashes and you can also use it with ANY mascara you currently have.

Its called -Lash primer and what you do is put it on before your mascara so it can make your mascara go on better,your lashes look longer and more volume. 

Here are my top 3 picks in different price ranges for all-

Clinque Lash Building Primer-This is the one i have been using lately and feel it really helps my lashes look more healthy , it contains a unique polymer combination that holds mascara to lashes for a longer, fuller look with extended wear. The moisturizing formula also helps to condition and mend dry lashes.Also it is 100% fragrance free.$14.00

Mac Prep and Prime lash-I also adore this lash primer it smoothes and conditions. Intensifies the build and lengthening quality of all formulas.It really helps mascara last longer! $18

And last but not least -Loreal Double extend tubes mascara

This one is a two step product you put on the white primer,base coat first which helps strengthen lashes .Then you apply the mascara next which really helps to lengthen the lashes using a 'tube effect". The best thing about this mascara is no eye makeup remover is needed,you just use lots of warm water to get it off!!! A must try at a great price of  -about $10.99 but it goes on sale a lot ,so look out for a deal.

So if you are not priming your lashes yet ,you really must give it a try ,you will never go back !!! Do you know of any other good lash primers??

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