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Thursday, January 3, 2013

I got LASH EXTENSIONS !Read about my experience!!

So I finally decided to take the plunge and give lash extensions a try!! I want to tell you about my experience and the reasons why I love them .(The top image shows the before on the left of the screen and the after on the right and the bottom image is with the extensions completed.)

 1- I don't have to wear mascara any more!!
2- I don't have to take off my mascara at night or even buy any! ( this saves me time )
3- My eyes always look good , day and night , without any effort and this effect will last for almost 3 months !

... So if they doesn't make you want to try them , also consider they would be great for a bride getting married or a special event you want to look amazing for .
I got them applied at eye lash Canada , they have 2 locations in Toronto , go to this website for all the info
My technician was Yvette a sweet Jamaican lady , who explained everything before she did it and made be feel at ease and relaxed . You lie on a bed with your eyes closed for about and hour until each eyelash is put in place . I admit near the end I almost feel asleep !! She is very gentle . She told me a lot of her clients do take a nap during the application!! Then you open your eyes to lashes that are eye opening and make you look stunning!!

Would you consider getting them???Or have you had them before??

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