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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Some great products for all the MEN in your life:)

Soo most of us have men in our life and most of us do the shopping for them,am i right? Well i want to review some GREAT products that have been tested by my man.

First off all men love to use SOAP and i myself am not a big fan of soap as i find it drying and stripping,but its hard to change most mens mind,so give them this new product to try ,and i have had rave reviews of it ,i was told it 'Smells great and really cleans well with the scrubbing bits" 

It is a body and face bar so its perfect for men who dont want to fuss around and it exfolliates.
Also its on sale at walmart for 4 bars were under 5.00!! :)

Next product i found at dollarama for $2.00!! And i didnt think it would be any good but my man was in need of shaving gel and well he liked it soooo much he made me go back and buy two more containers!He gets a lot of razor bumps and he said this works soo good at preventing them!He refuses to use anything else now!

Oxy Acne Fighting Formula Shave Cream-

Clinically proven to kill acne bacteria
Helps minimize razor bumps-   Cleanses and conditions   - Lightly fragranced

2-in-1 Formula
cooling, non-foaming cream fights acne and clogged pores while you shave!

Benzoyl Peroxide -penetrates your pores to kill acne-causing bacteria and exfoliate to minimize razor bumps.
Amazonian Dragon's Blood Tree Extract (croton lechleri)
  •     soothes the skin
  •     helps reduce redness
  •     provides antiseptic benefits
  •     promotes healing and skin regeneration

Phytic Acid Complex (PAC)    gently exfoliates to reveal smoother, clearer skin
-    helps decrease appearance of rough texture caused by past breakouts
Vitamin E & Pro-Vitamin B5-    conditions the skin

Do you shop for you man ? Does he have any awesome products he cannot live without?


  1. Love the oxy SPF facial cream!!!!ANd yes I know I smell like a man LOL

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  3. Trevor uses his mom's eye cream that she never used... shsssh don't tell! Hehehe
    I sometimes use his deoderant though hahah..
    But he has used my "Vanilla Honey Yogurt body wash" and thinks it smells so good.. he wishes that they made men's body wash fruity or delicious smelling :) lol


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