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Monday, July 19, 2010

Weird beauty products to make you smile on a monday! :)

Ladies and some men who read my blog,today i thought i would have some fun on a boring monday ,today im going to post some super interesting and some might even call BIZZARE beauty products! Some of them i really think are super RAD!

Have you heard of DEMETER perfume ?
I used to wear the ORANGE CREAM POP  all the time ,it smelled sooo yummy.They have all sorts of interesting scents everything from DIRT to FUNERAL Home ,yes and fun stuff like this

Scents sure bring back memories don't they? They really make you recall certain times and places,and these ones are just so much fun!

Or check out this ,i wish i had one in my bathroom now ! So COOL!

Yes thats right its a freaking PISTOL HAIRDRYER!!! Google those words to find places to buy your own.I know you want one hahaha

Or how about these

 Yes they are TOILET BOWL lipgloss on a keychain!!
"Toilet Bowl Lip Gloss is attractive lip gloss packaged in a cute li'l toilet bowl. It doubles as a keychain, so you can always have a toilet handy when you want to freshen up.Did we mention it comes in flavors? There's Grape, Lemon, Apple, and Strawberry... and each one will give your smile an alluring sheen. Just lift the lid, stick a finger under the rim, and gloss away!"  Do u have any interesting beauty products you use? DO TELL :)


  1. These are super cool,. I want that hairdryer!!!!
    Keep em coming Amanda, you save me so much net surfing time, as the stuff you post is worthwhile reading about.

  2. I have a couple of those demeter perfumes, one smells like laundry, the other smells like devil's food cake or something.. they are yummy.

  3. Very interesting! I actually own the Demeter fragrance in Orange cream pop. It smells very much like the real thing!

  4. I LOVE Demeter scents, specifically the Sugar Cookies one. I didn't know they had a Play-Doh one...brings me back to Kindergarten.


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