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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Got my ELF cosmetics !!! :)

So yesterday i got my ELF package full of fun stuff, i had to make a video for you to watch! :)

  here are the products i will talk about today in my video-Waterproof eyeliner pen in PLUM only $1.00
 and Lip Primer and Plumper-for $3.00

Ps- you can order them at this site and its still free shipping if u order over $25.00!!'


  1. If I were buying any makeup right now (I am on a project 5 pan) I would be all over that plum liner!

  2. OMG.. Amanda, you are so cute and funny!

    I've used the ELF waterproof liquid liner before and was VERY dissatisfied with it. I would try to put on a little as possible, it was easy to apply, but it would crack! (Pet peeve).... BUT it looks like the liner pen works A LOT better from what I can see!


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