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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

HARD CANDY at WALMART!! WOOW and most of it is only $5.98!!!

So im always in Walmart and just discovered they have  the whole Hard Candy line of cosmetics!This was never sold in canada before,so of course i had to get some.

Here is there facebook group you can  join for updates and contests -
and this is there website where you can view all the products on or just get your ass down to Walmart and buy some ehhee;)

So i picked up the Animal print- EYE TATTOOS and a Blue Mascara,i would have got black but it was sold out,so i figured blue is fun.

So i tried out the pink and black leopard print today.These are more for a fun night out or at the club ,not your everyday look hehe It was quite easy to apply just stick it on ( i used lid primer first) then use the setting powder with the little brush included.Now it is kind of hard to get it perfectly even and not smudge but i tried my best.It came out quite well i think .These go for $9.97 a bit more ,but super fun.They would be great for halloween too!They are also mineral shadow,100% hypo-allergenic, long wearing, and crease-proof. 
Here is a picture i took of me wearing them-

I also got this Mascara-1,000 Lashes

The only problem i had with it was the tube and lid were hard to open and to much product came out.For 5.98 though this is a great mascara and it does have tiny little fibers to make your lashes look longer.I would like to get the black next time.It looks like this on-

They have so many cool products it was hard to choose,i want to get some of the plumping gloss next time and maybe some eye pigments.

Will you or have you already tried HARD CANDY ???


  1. I bought the honeymoon blush recently , it's okay but not very pigmented. I may pick up living doll,but the rest of the stuff doesn't really interest me.

    That blue mascara looks cool!

  2. The blue mascara looks good on you! Haven't tried Hard Candy except for the nail colors years ago... Might have to check it out and see what they've got available.

  3. i wanted to try the hard candy eye tatoos for a while when i first got into makeup. are they easy to work with?

  4. I just noticed a couple of weeks ago that they now sell hard candy in walmart. I love that mascara...I got mine in purple and pink. I may have to try that blue too now. I dont think I noticed the animal eye tattoos but I will have to check them out next time I am there.
    Thanks for sharing!

  5. hey kaykay ,yah they are not to hard to apply,just stick them on as equal as possible and set them ,thats pretty much it

  6. Wow, that mascara looks very bright! Love it!!! I've never seen any like this before.
    I normally "create" my own mascara (I have a post about it on my blog) because I could never find a good coloured mascara!
    Thanks for letting me know!

  7. i've never seen those eye tattoos before but they are cute. super easy mascara!

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