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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Maybelline Eye Studio Gel liner Review

Soo i totally love eye liner and what is better than a GEL EYELINER! I picked up this fantastic one from MAYBELLINE the other day and its super awesome. I got the brown one ,but it does come in other colors like black ,plum and grey.
It also comes with a cute little brush that works just great.Its very easy to use and you can make precise lines with it.I think its way better than using a pencil as you can get real close to the lash line with it.

Its suppose to last for 24 hours,which is also a bonus .So far so good i wear it all day and it still looks great when i go to wash it off.It retails at Walmart for about $8.00
Here is how it looked like on,just at thin line
And a thicker one for fun

Have you ever tried gel liner?? Will you know?? ;)


  1. I tried this was okay, but I think that is because I am not at all talented when it comes to applying liner. I didn't know they had a plum version so I will definitely have to check it out. Maybe you would be able to do a tutorial post or post some tips for applying liner.

  2. I have tried this product but had difficulty applying it smoothly. I didn't feel like I had as much control with this product as I do with a pencil eye liner. I probably just need more practice!

  3. yah it does take practice,i find if you make small little lines then connect them all its better and add it with less pressure and keep adding more until its perfect ;) yes i will do some more tips soon! keep and eye out! thanks for the comments

  4. I'm thinking about using this product, but I'm afraid it'll smudge. I'm using MUF's black eyeliner right now and it smudges sometimes. I'm considering either the UD 24/7 or Maybelline. So what did you think about your Maybelline?

  5. I have a MAC gel liner and I've only used it once!! So hard to apply! LOL.. you would need to do my makeup again Amanda.. hahah


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