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Thursday, September 2, 2010

My latest finds at DOLLARAMA!!! Ohh yahhhh :)

I totally love the dollarstore and DOLLARAMA is somewhere i always pop into to see what they get .Well i hit the jackpot just recently with some great finds,now they were not $1.00 but $2.00 ,that is still an AMAZING deal .

First is this Gloss from Sally Hansen or they call it Smile Brightening Lip treatment,its suppose to make teeth look brighter and i think it really does!!!It also has a nice minty taste and a mirror  the tube.

It came in a few different shades DAZZLING is more a pinky color

and the one that i like that i even used to do a Brides makeup last weekend is  LUMINOUS its a more natural shade
Looks like this on-

I also grabbed a super cute blush 
 Its actually a natural blush from the Carmindy line ,and i use my fingers to apply it and it looks super natural and blends very easy.Soo worth the $2.00 it is good for everyday use!!!

Also scored this for a $1.00!! The elf eyelash curler!! Sorry didnt take a picture i have been using it daily ahah 
It works quite well  too !!!

So hurry to your dollar store now and see if you can get some killer deals :)


  1. What Dollarama did you go to?!

  2. good deal, I almost bought one at walmart a few months back when they were on clearance for $4.00 glad I held out.

  3. i went to two of them actually,the one in Niagara falls on lundy lane has it and also the one on 4th ave in st.catherines,but im sure lots of them will carry these items
    good luck

  4. Wow! You got some great products for an awesome deal! I love seeing what brand name products can be found in a Dollar store.

  5. i love my dollarama for craft supplies and candy but i totally overlooked the make up aisle. excellent finds!

  6. Hahah! I got that same Sally Hansen blush at Dollarama too!

  7. OMG.. I'm definately going to go see if my dollarama has that lip gloss! Looks lovely!


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