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Friday, May 14, 2010

Annabelle eye shadows ,you have to love them :)

I have been using Annabelle products for as long as i can remember! I remember walking into shoppers one day thinking i needed a new eye shadow and low and behold i found the Annabelle ones that would become my fav of all time!

I purchased this one that was pink but changed to gold in the light and one that changed from purple to blue and im telling you i used every single bit of them and everyone used to compliment on my stunning eye makeup !

Annabelle has come along way and they have sooo many new and awesome products out now! I am a big fan of there new MINERAL PIGMENT DUST ,the golden pink and solar are on the top of my list,sooo pretty!

"These highly pigmented loose eye shadows are made with fine pearl particles and minerals to create incredible shine and shimmer. Use just a little for a more subtle effect or apply wet in a bold stroke for incredible luminescence. Available in convenient and fuss-free compacts, they contain the most beautiful shades."
And the awesome thing about they they retail for only about $8.50!!!

Check out there website

and facebook group -

So yahh go get yourself some of this super rad mineral eyeshadow now ladies!!: )


  1. I use mineral eyeshadow (I haven't tried Annabelle) and love it. They are sometimes a little messy to apply but worth it.

  2. Mineral make up is awesome and since the quality of chemical free it is so good for the skin and the eyes.Good that you have given this information many woman still do not know the goodness of the mineral make up.


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