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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Are you rolling yet ???

Okay ladies today i want to review L'oreals new TRUE MATCH ROLLER FOUNDATION

At first it looks like it might not work or would be hard to use right??
Well you are sooo wrong!! Its the most easy thing to use and it actually WORKS awesome!
It is nice creamy foundation and with it comes this thing that looks almost exactly like a paint roller!! So no need for a brush ,sponge or your fingers.It makes appplication flawless ! You ask how?Well when you use the roller it creates the most even finish ever!! It even works around the nose and eyes and using a light pressure. It is also OIL FREE!And because its true match its not hard to find your perfect shade.

Also i think its just a fun way to apply your foundation,but one thing to be careful a little goes a long way,start with less makeup on the roller and add as needed :)

PS-It retails for about $14.99 but is on sale at Walmart for about $12.98 


  1. Amanda you use this product? How thick does it go on?

  2. it depends on how hard you push the roller,the lighter you push the less comes out,the harder the more and yes i use it sometimes,but i have so much makeup so i alternate :)

  3. I've seen this product and wondered how it would work around tricky areas on the face like the nose. Sounds like it worked well for you. One concern I have about using the roller is collecting bacteria on it and in the foundation itself.


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