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Friday, May 28, 2010

Pure and Simple organic perfume :)

So i have already spoke about why we need to avoid the chemicals in perfume,well i found this super awesome CANADIAN site that sells a variety of ORGANIC perfume! How awesome is that ?? Pretty awesome i think!!
here is the site

They have a variety of organic products for you to browse.

I think this one looks amazing and i will order it 

This is there most popular scent. The soft alluring Lavender is deepened by base notes of Sandalwood, thyme, rosemary.
A calming scent, popular for both men and women, is distilled natural from the lavender, from the altitude of the mountains of Provence. A good general scent to have for those who want to be quietly noticed.

This one looks great too

"Hesperidee relates to the 3 nymphs that were responsible for tending the apple orchard of Hera, the Goddess of Roman Gods.
This unisex scent is a fresh collection of citrus with spices all in a base of sandalwood. An excellent romantic scent for a quiet exotic occasion.

A perfect gift for that quietly romantic person.

They are also only $45.95 cheaper than most perfumes out there and better for you!


  1. Look like nice products and Canadian too! I'm always interested in finding new companies from Canada that sell bath and body type products.

  2. the Hesperidee sounds like something i would love to wear. i'll have to check them out now

    saladforbreakfast AT gmail DOT com

  3. Is this perfume in pocket size bottle?



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