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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Lush ! All the products you need for a perfect summer day!:)

Soo today in talking about one of my all time favourite companies again! LUSH COSMETICS 

First i am going to talk about one of there new products they have out SKIN SUPPLEMENT
 Soo your wondering what is it ? Well you mix it into any moisturizer and BAM  you have a tinted moisturizer or u can even use it on own to cover a pimple!! It comes in 4 different colors so you can truly match any skin tone!! And i cannot believe its only $13.95!! A little goes a long way too !This should last me well over 6 months!
I think its perfect for the summer time,instead of wearing a heavy foundation ,let your skin breathe and just mix some of this into your moisturizer so you have some coverage and your skin looks glowing.
Also it's VEGAN! It contains Fresh Rose infusion!!

Now here is another item you need for summertime VANISHING CREAM

I have more oily,acne prone skin so this is perfect,but even if you don't its very light weight and absorbs quickly to give you a matte finish for other skin types on  a hot day!I would even say it makes my skin feel fresh.
It smells soo yummy because its contains rose and lavender essential oils!It also contains Witch hazel which is anti-bacterial so it kills those pimples and helps to keep new ones from forming.This would be a perfect makeup base and even good for nighttime use.Retails $37.95 but worth every penny as a little goes a long way.

And we can;t forget about having a relaxing bath in the summer can we? A bath is not a real bath without a BATHBOMB!!!

This is the one i tried out today the SEX BOMB!!! This is also VEGAN and OH MY GOSH you will smell amazing all day long!!! Just drop it in the bath and grab a good book and enjoy every minute of it fizzing!
Its got creamy soya milk swirls and its girly colors of pink and purple,like a pretty flower!
Its got Jasmine and Ylang Ylang ,in it which i have always been a fan of! It really gets you in the mood that's forsure ! Plus it leaves your skin feeling soft and smooth ,just the way it should be if your getting close to someone!
Retails- $6.00


  1. Thanks for reviewing these products. The vanishing cream sounds perfect for my skin. I too suffer from oily, acne prone skin and this sounds like a great product.

  2. i've been a die hard Lushie for years now and actually have their new color supplements and lip scrubs. the vanishing cream is next on my list! :)

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