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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Here are some more hot nail colors i tried out from NICOLE FROM OPI

Heeey ladies,want to thank you again for all the lovely comments:) So i wanted to show you some new colors from Nicole from OPI  ,they even sell a lot of the colors at walmart!!

Here is the first is this hot new shade 'Respect the world" A rich jade green thats totally not jade!! Here have a look at the pics i took ! I think it would be perfect for toes too!

Also tried out ;Your a star" -A silvery sparkle with a rainbow shimmer! :)

And one last one "Have a heart" i thought it was unique and loved the cute hearts in it!
But i must say i felt there was not enough hearts in it,and they were hard to get out of the bottle. I wanted tons of hearts ahah but could only manage to get a few out at a time. It may work good to put over a color you already have ,but i wore it alone.

Well now i just read a tip on using this ! You have to hold the bottle upside down and let the hearts float to the surface then grab them with the brush :)

Do you have a fav nail color you love wearing in the summer??


  1. The Hearts nailpolish is soooo cute!

    I like wearing pinks and corals in the summer!

  2. omg i love the little hearts! so pretty. i like to wear mostly blues and pinks.

    saladforbreakfast AT gmail DOT com

  3. I would definitely try the "Your a Star". I like neutral colors. I usually wear nail polish only on my toes in the summer and I currently have on a shade by Avon I think is called Champagne and but I don't think it is made anymore.


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