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Monday, June 21, 2010


Heeeey ladies,so today im going to talk about and review some great summer nail polishes.

But also wanted to remind you that my contest is still on until July 2nd,so keep on leaving comments and you still have a good chance of winning a Cargo Blush/Bronzer!
Remember there are five to be won.GOOD LUCK!

So i always use top and base coat when painting my nails,as an Aesthetician,i understand it really does make the polish last longer. The point of a base coat is to prepare the nail and give it something to adhere to.Then the job of the top coat is to seal in your color and make it last days longer and not chip!

Well i discovered one that not only helps to make your polish last longer,but also gives it a super sparkle ,almost like diamonds!!
And its dirt cheap!!Like around $5.00 or so and can be bought at almost any store that sells polish.Its from COVER GIRL and its called get this -DISCO DAZZLE.

I usually tend to go for more pricey brands,but i loved it so  much i figured i would give it a try,you can apply it over top of any polish you already have and it makes it a whole new color! It really looks amazing ,here are some pics of it on my toes!

The color on my toes is by CHINA GLAZE and its called CARIBBEAN BLUE.I really adore blue in the summer,it matches everything.It has amazing staying power,as its very high quality.
Retails from $11 to $12.00 but totally worth it.
Do you use topcoat? If not you should really get some :)



  1. I don't use a top coat but I love that sparkly nail polish. I would wear it alone without any color underneath.

  2. OMG... LOVE the sparkly blue nailpolish on you Amanda!! I never try extreme bright colours, I don't know why.. Come do my nails for me!! Hehehe..

  3. Your toes are REALLY hot!! Love looking at em ;)


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