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Friday, June 11, 2010

Makeup art by me :)

Heey ladies,for a change i want to show you some pictures of me at work at a bridal party i did

Also i wanted to tell you about an exciting event i did yesterday! I was picked to be a makeup artist for a big Playboy event at Casino Niagara and got to do makeup on several play boy bunnies and playmates! It was a super fun gig!!To bad i was not allowed to take any pictures !!

Well i hope you all have an amazing weekend and enjoy the pictures.Also if your live in the niagara/toronto area and ever need a Pro Makeup artist call to book -905-329-2405 

And here is one more pic of some creative makeup i did recently


  1. WOW how lucky are you??? you are amazingly talented

    saladforbreakfast AT gmail DOT com

  2. I would love to see more pictures of your work in the future. Great job!

  3. Hi Amanda! these are some really nice photos.
    As a makeup artist you might be interested in permanent eyelash extensions course? See here:


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