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Monday, June 7, 2010

Want brighter more glowing eyes? Try this! :)

Ever wonder how celebs have such glowing highlighted eyes??Well i know just the product that really helps to brighten and draw attention to your peepers ! And its super easy to use too.
I  use this product EYE LIGHTENER(in white) from CARGO  and it very simple,it even automatically dispenses the correct amount of product.
 It is also labeled with with which end goes where,so you cannot screw it up! Its fool proof.

You will be ready to rock and roll and be picture pefect for any event!! This is a must in any girls makeup kit for the summer .At only $18.00 you cant go wrong for the price! But it any ULTA or check out Cargos site


  1. Yes, thank you. I also need help with foundation tips from start to finish. It is the one thing I have the most problems with..
    Here is an example.... there is foundation, cover-up and bronzer. How do I apply them all?

  2. Thanks for the info. The eyes really do pop with this product. Something to try.

  3. this looks interesting. i will have to look for it when i go to the beauty counter next!

    saladforbreakfast AT gmail DOT com

  4. I just wanted you to know that I checkout your blog on a weekly basis to see what new products you've been discussing. I have bought a lot of stuff from your reviews!! You are an excellent critic! I will continue to use you as reference when it comes to my beauty concerns. Thanks so much! Please enter me in the contest.


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