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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Do you use cream eyeshadow? Some tips on how to use it properly

Cream eyeshadow seems to be popping up everywhere in the stores i purchased myself a cute little palette the other day and even being a makeup artist it can be confusing on how to use it correct.
I got ELECTRIC POP colors from REVLON -retails about $8.00

So how do you use this? First thing i should tell you is what not to do.

DO NOT try to put them on top of a powder eyeshadow it will just ball up and look terrible.

DO NOT use a makeup brush,use your fingers to apply as the heat from your fingers helps to warm it and make it go on smooth 

DO- Use them as a base underneath of your powder shadow to make the color look even more intense and bright.

DO-use the lighter color like white as a highlight under your brow bone or the lighter colors in inner corner of your eyes

If you like something very light then you can wear them by them self ,but i would still recommend using a shadow primer before so it lasts longer and goes on smoother.
So again this is better to use with other products in my opinion to make the shadows you have even brighter.

Overall for the cost of this palette its a good thing to have in your kit to add to other products you use,it comes in some other colors too like this one is nice

Do you have any tips on how you use it?  Or have you even tried it before?

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  1. good tips! I knew that you could use them as a base, but I've never used them as a highlight before. Thanxxx ^.^


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