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Monday, August 2, 2010

got2b smooth operator

Morning ladies ,hope your all enjoying the long weekend, i sure am,i got to work a super fun photo shoot in Toronto yesterday.I got to do super bright  makeup on some lovely models wearing couture dresses,with some fantastic artwork. I will post the pictures in few weeks when they are done editing.

Today i want to review a product from got2b. Just to let you know they are made by Schwarzkopf which is a high quality brand that started off in salons. 
The product is called smooth operator .It contains cashmere,and is a smoothing LUSTRE LOTION.It is for touchable style and also contains  a UV protectant and protects against damage from heat styling.

So what did i think of it after using it ?Well first off it has a nice mild almost berry like smell which is pleasant.It has a thinner consistency and i like that it comes in a pump format so its easy to dispense the right amount. I used it on dry hair It absorbed in very nicely and it did what it said .It did make it look more smooth and i felt it was more soft.

So i think i will keep using this excellent product as my hair is dry and bleached and it sure needs some help.One more thing i like about the packaging is the cute little trinkets on it .Retail about $8.99

Today for the most unique comment or any new follower  i will randomly choose one person and send them a  coupon so you can BUY ONE GET ONE FREE of any got2be product :)
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Also do u use anything to control your hair in the summer?


  1. I just saw your post about these products on my Google Dashboard and thought I'd check out your review. I have heard a lot about got2b products and have never tried these products. The one you reviewed is actually the one I am most interested in trying. I've heard it smells like raspberries! As for how I control my hair in the summer, I have frizzy hair to begin with and a flat iron helps but in the summer I usually just pull it back in a pony tail or put it up in a clip-it's a lazy way of managing my hair but it works!


  2. What an interesting blog you have! I'm so sorry to be so late coming by to follow you back but hey, I'm here now and I plan to take a look around :)



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