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Friday, August 13, 2010


Soooo since Fall is just around the corner,i figured why not have a few fun posts about some hot fashions.Since this is a BEAUTY blog i think fashion should be included . So for the next couple of days i will post about my new buys.

I love Mary and Guido jeans they have  to be the MOST comfortable jeans EVER ,  and they are worth every penny and will last you years as they are so well made.
Here i am wearing a darker jean which is totally in for fall.
I also love that they are a canadian company from Montreal.

In this outfit im wearing them paired with a  peacock print shirt from YDE which is a great clothing line that can be purchased at

What i like about the staff at jean machine is they help you find the perfect fit and are totally honest with you about what suits your body type.Joy at the Limeridge mall location in Hamilton,Ontario was such a great help.

Peacock print is the new trend and i am in love with it. I paired my outfit with a pair of black heels.Oh and black nail polish with sparkles of course.

Have you been shopping in Jean Machine lately ? It really does have great up to date fashions and is worth a look.

What do you think about the new peacock trend?


  1. I love peacock print but if everyone starts wearing it it might get very annoying! I have I hard time finding jeans.. I need a 36 inch inseam because im really tall...

  2. wow! thanks so much for the comment it means alot coming from a MUA. im working on my portfolio now trying to build it. & you also look very nice, the peacock trend looks like a very daring trend that certain people may be able to pull off & you deff pulled it off!


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