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Thursday, August 5, 2010

More Natural Deodorant choices

Its something we wear everyday and don't really think about right? We just don't want to be stinky haha

But have you thought about what is in your under arm stick??Well a lot of them tend to contain a whole host of best-to-avoid substances including hormone disruptors, petrochemicals, lung irritants and other suspect ingredients. Usually if you can't pronounce it or have no idea what it is,best to not use it.
If you do a google search you will also find tons of links that say deodorant may even cause breast cancer or Alzheimers ,now this has not been proven,but what if it is true??? I think its better to try a more natural approach.

So in this post i will review some of the ones i like and also use -

     " JASON Lavender Deodorant Stick-
      This natural deodorant is soothing, safe and delivers long-lasting protection. It is formulated without Aluminum Chlorohydrate.(which is the main thing we want to avoid that most regular sticks contain)

Enriched with Lavender Oil, Vitamin E, Shea Butter and Certified Organic Corn Starch, this deodorant delivers gentle and soothing freshness.  "

IT has a very gentle light smell ,and i use it for regular days when im not going to be breaking a sweat and it seems to do the job of keeping me from being smelly hehe

You can pick this up at most stores ,even Walmart and it retails for about $5.00

Another choice i have used in the past is Kiss my face-   

It comes in unscented and a few fun smells like patchouli and lavender.Retails about $6.00

Kiss My Face succeeded in liquefying crystal deodorant stones, which are 100% effective in preventing body odor. It inhibits bacterial growth and neutralizes body acids. Lasts all day!The products contain no animal ingredients, artificial colors, or unnecessary chemicals and were not tested on parabens either and  neutralizes and eliminates odors no artificial fragrances.

Have you ever tried natural deodorant ? Will you maybe consider it now?


  1. Interesting, I've never thought about my deodorant before too much. Maybe I shall try something new.

  2. I've tried the ones by Zaja Naturals ( which I love as well as spa therapy (
    I prefer Zaja..

  3. thanks amina for the advice i will have to check that one out!!

  4. I only use natural deodorant! I use Tom's. It smells great and works good. Or there is a spray one that Origins makes...but you don't want spray it on freshly shaved armpits! OUCH. Also, The Body Shop just came out with one which is supposed to be really good!

  5. Crystal. there's a deodorant and solid rock

  6. Earlier this week I went to the cupboard for some Beef-a-roni, but apparently the kids had already eaten the last can. I really had my heart set on it! I was so angry that I yelled "motherfucker!", stomped out of the kitchen, and kicked the living room phone jack right off the wall. It's one of those things we all do impulsively, and regret immediately. Now my foot was hurt, and I needed this damn phone jack fixed! If I had organic deodarant I wouldnt have theses issues.


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