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Sunday, August 22, 2010

G Fox Gems -Be a stone cold fox!

Like most girls i love shiny stuff and have a passion for hot jewelery.
Well look no further this is truly the hottest stuff out there at the moment. It is also all handmade by a women designer in CANADA,Toronto to be exact its the one and only G FOX GEMS and the new  site is

I want to show you some of the pieces i think are on fire -

  Ships Ahoy with this fantastic Anchor ! Only -$45.00
People young and old, love anchors, don't ask us why - They just do, and I mean come on, who doesn't wanna be a pirate? Or a captain? Anchors are timeless.  Its full of  Cubics and sterling silver.

OR what about this Amazing blue full disco ring!-$60.00
This is made from sterling silver and crystals. It's available in this electric blue color, pink, or clear. Clear is the most versatile, but the color crystals are hella funky!

Here is me wearing the Tanzi blue classic tag-$80.00

Also if your looking for the perfect gift for the women in your life,i think she would just fall in love with this THE STUNNER (its called that for a reason) -$175 

To explain how utterly attractive this bangle is - one would have to be able to literally speak in diamonds.
This bangle contains all the most modern stylings of the infamous baguette cut cubic zirconium stones + embedded with round brilliant cut cubic zirconium stones. It featured an insert lock + double latch safety clasp. Sterling silver never looked so chic and expensive.
The stones are microscope and channel set.

You just have to see this stuff up close,it is so well made and so shiny.And now is the perfect time to shop as you save 30%!

Do you shop online for jewelery? How often do you buy yourself a new piece? Do you buy it for gifts?

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  1. Your tattoos are amazing.
    I have two little ones.
    Trying not to get too addicted :D xxx


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