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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Brushes you need part two !

Soo im sure many of you wear blush?? I love how it brightens up your complexion and gives you a nice glow!
But you better be using a BLUSH BRUSH to apply it !! Like this one from Sephora ,i actually got it in a kit with Bare Essentials mineral makeup and its just the right size to blend perfectly!Retails for $15.00 but remember as long as u take care of it will last a long long time!

How do you use apply powder blush with this brush?Powder is typically best for oily & combo skin.
Always start with a little ,you can add more later if needed! The key is blending it to make it look natural!!
Go look in the mirror and smile ,start there and apply up to your hairline!I will try to make a video on my technique soon!!You can also use your fingers to blend it a bit more too!
If you add to much use some translucent powder to make it look lighter.Also choose a shade that compliments you most people can pull off a nice peach tone or light pink.Check my earlier posts about Clear Radiance blush from Bare Minerals.

Also important is a POWDER BRUSH ,those puff things that come with most powder are just terrible!
Get one like this from Quo at Shoppers Drugmart ,i like them big and fluffy!Retails $22.00 but you can cash in your points and they always have sales ladies!!

Powder is the last step in your makeup routine ,it sets everything and gives you a smooth finish and the proper brush does the job best.Make sure to tap the brush to get off excess powder before applying.Use small circular motions to cover well.Also apply powder all over the face,neck and decollete.

More brushes to come in my next post :)


  1. This is awesome! I LOVE using brushes but I'm never sure which ones to purchase. I got a kit for Christmas a few years back but they have bit the dust!! Good stuff girl!!

    Sarah V.

  2. I was also curious if you prefer powder blush to cream blush..?? Is there any cons to using cream over powder? I used to use powder blush but I have been really enjoying this cream one I recently purchased.


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