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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The brushes you should own and how to use them!

 To make your makeup look its best you NEED good brushes!! Its like if your an athlete and you play football you need a good helmet,or if your a baker and they get a crappy ass mixer,well then your cupcakes just are not up to par ahha yah you get the point ahahaha 
Your makeup will look sooo much better ,its a good investment too because if you take care of them they will last you years and years!!

Before i even go over what brushes you need ,i want to tell you that you also need to clean these brushes!Soo what  do you use to do that ? Well i will let you know that too don't worry ehhee
M.A.C makeup brush cleanser,. Disinfects and conditions the bristles while removing excess residue at the same time.$11.00 Its a good choice and not super pricey and lasts a long time.

  If you want a cheap alternate to store bought brush cleaner you can use shampoo ,or even dish soap will work to get the makeup off.Some people even use vinegar mixed with water to disinfect or rubbing alcohol will also kill all germs.So basically wash with shampoo then spray with alcohol and they are clean.
Also you can put a little bit of spray on conditioner to help keep the bristles soft.

Okay so now you know how to clean them ,soo here is the first brush you should get ,a FOUNDATION BRUSH!!

What is the purpose of it? Well if you use foundation it helps it to go on smoothly and cover all areas equally.Also it soaks up less of the foundation than a sponge would.

Here are the steps to use it-
Apply some foundation onto the brush.
Always start out with a little,less is more!!! .I like to start on the forehead and use criss cross motions ,then work my way down to the nose,cheeks,chin, and finally neck.Make sure its blended well especially in the corner of the nose and hairline .Its not really that hard and it looks flawless when your done.

Okay ladies stay tuned and tommorrow i will talk about more useful brushes!!

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  1. I've always wondered how "worth it" foundation brushes are, but you've convinced me that they do the job just right! Good to know. :)


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