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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Mineral makeup and my review of Clear Radiance

So i am sure by now we have all heard of or used Mineral makeup ,i just love it! Its much more natural and better for your skin.
When choosing  a good quality mineral makeup look for these key ingredients to be listed -Zinc oxide,mica, and titanium dioxide.If you see other things like filler or fragrance ,this is not pure minerals.

One of my fav companies at the moment is Bare Escentuals ,they make amazing prodcuts that are 100% pure blend of natural minerals.The product from them that i have using a lot lately is called Clear Radience.
What it is super pretty and natural looking blush or you could even call it a face shimmer.It gives your skin a soft, sheer luster that brings out your natural luminosity and takes years off your look.
I find it really does make your skin glow!Creates a noticeable effect with just a small sweep!
You can purchase it at any sephora store on there website

You can apply it with your fingers or use a brush,i have made a video about it and will post it soon!

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