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Monday, March 15, 2010

Steps for an easy ,fool proof smokey eye! :) IN ANY COLOR :)

Ok soo i asked you lovely ladies for some topics you would like me to blog about and it seems you all want to to know the steps on doing an easy smokey eye!This is the way i learned to do it at my makeup school and have used it since with great results!!

First you need to make sure you have these things before you start,these are things you all should have in your makeup kits!!! First thing you need is BRUSHES!!! Soon i will blog about all the brushes u should invest in,but today i just want to go over the ones for a smokey eye look.
A liner brush!! Perfect for liner but we are using it a bit different for this look.
All you ladies should have a good brush to blend eyeshadow.
I like to use this sponge tip brush also,sometimes when u buy an eyeshadow kit,it comes with  a small one,i feel they pick up more shadow and it can press it in really well onto the lid so you can see the color better.

For this look you will also need Q-tips!! Personally i use the dollarstore ones,the cheap ones work better because they have less cotton on them so they are easier to fix mistakes and blend edges.

You will also need a good BLACK CREAM LINER i recommend this one,but if you already have one im sure it will have the same effect.This is a QUO one i got a Shoppers Drug Mart for less than $10!!
And last but not least you will need an eyeshadow ! Any color,but lets say we use purple!A purple smokey eye is hot! :)Oh and a very light color to highlight would too!

A highlighter can be any very light color like the one above,to blend the eyeshadow and also is put under the brow bone to draw attention and light to that area!!

OKay so make sure you have all these things and tommorrow i will give you the steps to do the best  smokey eye ever!! 
I will try to even make a video on it if i have time!

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