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Saturday, March 13, 2010

How to save money on beauty products

Well i know i just love to save money ,and still get good quality products that  we actually want to use.
So today i am going to share with you some of the ways i save money on makeup and beauty products!

1)Check out the Sale shelfs in stores!!
You know when your in Shoppers Drug Mart or Pharma Plus they always have a shelf of discounted products,that either didnt sell,or they need to get rid of to stock new inventory. Well i find AWESOME stuff thats like half price on these shelfs cause like no one looks at them ahah The other day i got this awesome tinted moisturizer from Physicians formula for only $3.00 !! I think it was regular almost $16.00 and i needed to buy it any way so i really saved!!

2)Shop at Discount and Liquidation stores.
Yes i have found some kick ass deals at these stores!! Last year i found Neostrata anti-aging moisturizer for about $4.00!! IT retails for over $20.00! And it worked really welll,i think the company just changed the packaging .I also love to buy hair care products at disount stores because they seem to have a lot of salon quality brands at super cheap prices!!

3)WINNERS! I love love love to shop the beauty section in winners,i find name brand beauty stuff there all the time at like half the cost sometimes! Sometimes thy dont have much,but other times i hit the jackpot and find some great bargains!

4)Look out for sales and discounts! That means reading flyers and sometimes waiting to buy things until they have a good sale,then stock up!! I love to get extra air miles or optimum points too,sometimes they give these and they can add up quickly to get stufff free!!

Ok well those are my tips for today ,if i learn some more i will be sure to share!!
IF you have any tips to help us save please leave your comments! :)


  1. Any time you get free samples of products in the mail, they usually come with a coupon - great for hair care, etc! Also, sign up for email notifications from Shoppers and other stores where you like to buy beauty products for emailed coupons and early notice of sales/discounts. :) kristinfriesen81 at gmail dot com

  2. Dollarama often carries name brand beauty products for $1 or $2. Check the health and beauty section regularly. Using coupons on top of a sale price can often leave you with a great deal. I have also found that e-mailing companies and requesting coupons is helpful. I have e-mailed Johnson & Johnson companies many times (ie. for Aveeno, Clean & Clear, Neutrogena) and received $3 off coupons.


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